Nmherman on 13 Nov 2000 23:56:21 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] New Email for Max Herman: maxherman2000@yahoo.com, 11-14 to 11-20

I will be away from my home computer from Nov. 14 through Nov. 20.  I'll be 
able to check my new yahoo account occasionally, so any mail to me should be 
sent there: maxherman2000@yahoo.com.

I'll also be checking my egroups, including WorksOnPaper@egroups.com and 
VoteGenius2000@egroups.com, as often as I can.  

Also, if anyone wants to write me by regular mail or send me a purchase 
proposal and advance fee, use my P.O. box at:

Nickolas Herman
P.O. Box 14443
Minneapolis, MN 55414

As I said before, I have lots of items for sale in every price range.  If you 
are in New York on the 16th, I will be selling lots of items at FUN for 

Max Herman
Genius 2000: Works on Paper
November 16, 2000

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