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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Asia and domain names, etc. (@)

last year a singapore-based company called i-DNS.net
International introduced the facility of
registering/using native language domain names - in
chinese and thai - and in tamil this year (they also
plan to introduce more indian languages). lots of
non-english domain names have also been registered
with the company. the company even submitted a
progress report at the Annual Internet Society
Conference '99 (INET), San Jose. why then did the
Internet Society fail to advise this company against
implementing its technology? could there be any
politics involved? also, do you think
language-chauvinism plays a role in such organisations
governing the net? i'd like to know your views (i'm
planning to write a story for our site, based on this

- Diwakar (i'm from india, working with a content and
community portal. i'm also into online creative writing)

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