Andrea Polli on 13 Nov 2000 01:37:16 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Cocktails and Conversation-Harvestworks Tommorrow night

Monday, November 13, 6-8 PM
Cocktails and Conversation: Two Harvestworks recent Artists-in-Residence
present their work:

Andrea Polli presents 'Rapid Fire', further explorations in Intuitive
Ocusonics, presented at The Kitchen this summer as part of Franklin
Furnace's 'The Future of the Present' series and to be presented at ISEA
in Paris this December; and 'pause' a large scale multi site public art
project in Chicago

and John Pilson presents a video entitled 'Interregna' which is
concerned with lapses in continuity or control within the structured
environment of the modern corporate workplace.  Pilson was included in
the Greater New York Show at PSI Contemporary Art Center.

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