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[Nettime-bold] explanation of tr.act 2:ache girl.

_lapping names vs distant w][elt][anderings_

<suggestions of the infinite selection possibilities, personas manifesting
in2 text, a djs meld term vs thrown in for the group hangdawg dynamic, welt
wandering suggesting sh][l][ock, a pleasant journey governed by a instance
of the jolt, the line][ar][ stretched to a raising or reddened /point>

.a][che][ girl, sitting on a town step, hair cut jaundiced and circuits
weeping....  .

<flesh managerial, a char][red][acter ][d]enoted, a reference point for
those scanners in their element][ary][with a touch][e][ of piqued abstract
tonals /read with a dictionary>
.a circadian nitemare vision, attempts at drawing on thru void-like fluids,
remote and t][m][en][iscu][s.ile...   .

<reference to a complete system, a rupturing clock, a bio.logical
break-in-the-game, repeated notions of move.ment thru vi][cious][vid

.[.my tongue aches, nodes bitter and @ once gorgeously sweet, flitting in2
honeyed text and de][ma][licious discourse.]

<physicality allusions, sensual workings in2 the narrative gap, a tinge of
the d][epth][ark core of tangelled text ][re][production, seducing the
reader through glu][e][cose use /between the lines >
.[.my flat ][sure][footedness assured here, arching the balls of my step
and forgett][mourn][ing that first hive-like-cut.]

<a narrative again, remnants of the character][s][ in place, a swirl of
][superconducting][dance-like motion, motivations; voyeurism alive in this
reading with destruc][destrac][tion evident>

.[.my hands running over flat s][to][m][ach][ooth musculature remindings.
.coa][x][.ting][le][s, my skin, sheen sweat and pored ova.]

<hmm - a tactile tender, as the character moves smooth through required
sensoria, sexual posturing clued by a][uteur][ctual /instances>
.[.aching tones and direct architect, swathing maroon velvet screens.]

<a pack of twisting, wrenching /indicators>

.[.my mouth drips sweetly dried blood, lushdry&winewet, loosewetwine&dry.]

<coloured by sch][l][ock, again...u should be picturing partial blurred
video renderings of greyed bodies moving via liquid sensonics, audio much
subtly done, image grainy and covert in its portrayal, indicative of
titillating passages>

[.....yr tips stretch....] 
[.....a sonic chambermaid....]
[.....surface painted lush & 
thick with the taste of yr scent........]

<no clues here, meaning fruits in yr mind like a ripe mango /skinned>

.[.yr hair lashes, eyes sparked into static rounds, pinpointed here & there...
          .....o][ver][and out][

< />

.           .    ....         .....
fl][qu][es][t][h h][i.j][ack][t][er             
.... .                  .???  .......

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