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[Nettime-bold] re][move][wiring



r][e][volutionary t][r][ac][e][t.ing

retracting in2 ][flesh][spacings


2 lifestrings abort, retry.....


y.    act.     ][?][


armed ro.bo][so][guard 

"The robot is ][the][
New Doctoring. Patient 
operations ][run by][ 
pistols that can be programmed to ][track kinetic][
sensors that track movement and heat
][will][ shoot automatically or wait, ][then][
simulate, ][with][
surgeons ][employed][
to train 
veterans ][who][ 
will no longer be objects or  
camera][s][ and 
delivered with a password 
from anywhere through the 
Internet," ][said][
armed robot security guard][s][ that can open fire on intruders.
Building robot
countries like the ][ones][
developed into a simulator 
to train people in areas like surgery, ][or through][ 
display][s that][
force ][hippo][campus-like][functioning][,
including a 
Internet Web-run sentinel 
not thief-friendly.
Other machines ][such as a][
roboguard ][or][
robotic arm, ][with a][
sensor and head-mounted 
system ][is used to][
teach people how to use ][the][ robots. 
The system was aimed only at
the world's first 
unarmed "telerobot;
virtual reality 
was developed from ][here][
while controlled through  
further development; the technology could be applied to ][the][ 
world's first ][instance and][
equipped with an 
experimentation for
a fire order. 
It could/ 
it is armed ][and can][
memorise thousands of 
New Doctors."


re][move][wiring the print][ed][ code

move.                             wire.

[action circuits here].

.  .   .      .          .                        .               .

[breaker][[ [[[ [            [                         [

--------//          ------

---@source kode@
[1. thai Cisler]
[2. option to encode the robot]
[3. permission to read outside ][de][limits]
[4. bland actuals ie mailing lists bounded bi lifeless words]
[5. copy][cat & moused][righted concreters ie troy]
[6. a dull pain in the small of 1][&0]['s bac.teria]
[7. a keen ache in the sense of ][0&][1's worth]
[8. option to destroy the ro.bo][bbin][]
[9. ][a][cute ][y][earning][s][ for the traditional reading belief system]


.           .    ....         .....
fl][qu][es][t][h h][i.j][ack][t][er             
.... .                  .???  .......

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