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[Nettime-bold] ffwd gallery berlin note: "electronic plastic"

There's cute machinery to check out in Berlin's own ffwd gallery. But apart 
from the nice visual aspects of early video games that the show "electronic 
plastic" features, don't bother to stop by: A coherent concept behind the 
stuff lacks as much as clean, breathable air lacked on the opening of the 
gallery's last show on fiday 10.

Instead of coming to grips with the history of video games until 
playstation II, the catalogue features nice design by the Buero Destruct 
guys and has some insights to offer about digital culture, namely that 
"we're used to playing with microchips, so no wonder we're not afraid of 
what's awaiting us." $40 for truisms like that one is too much. And if you 
came to play with the e-toys, you were also on the wrong path: Crammed into 
little displays, most of the exhibited electronic plastic OBJECTS (Olia 
Lialina) made no sense to me.

Compared to game exhibits in San Francisco, the Berlin people still have 
much to learn. Get your Playstation II now!!!

author: henning ziegler
location: berlin, germany
function: digital theorist

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