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[Nettime-bold] Pandaemonium: Biennial of Moving Images 2001


The Lux is pleased to announce PANDÆMONIUM: Biennial of Moving Images 2001, a celebration and exploration of artists' work in the moving image with screenings, exhibitions and special events. The festival will run from 2nd March to 8th April 2001 with the Lux Centre forming the hub of the programme before a national tour to venues in the UK.

 The PANDÆMONIUM 2001 Competition will present new artists' Single Screen work in the Lux Cinema between 2nd and 9th March 2001. Artists are invited to submit preview copies of their work for consideration for the programme.

 Submissions are now open.
DEADLINE: 24th November 2000.

 To download the entry form and for further detail on the festival visit

PANDÆMONIUM 2001 is supported by:
 The Arts Council of England National Touring Fund
 London Arts
 Arts Online
 + The British Film Institute

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