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If the Florida election does become a potentially legal issue (or even if
it doesn't!) a state superior court OR federal judge can mandate a
state run-off . It has happened before, so make yourself heard!!

The election of Gore or Bush as President may depend on the
resolution of voting irregularities in Florida. Reports from Palm
Beach County indicate that a confusing ballot set-up in that county
led to thousands of votes mistakenly going to Buchanan instead of
Gore.  Please visit the web page below and voice you opinion for a
fresh, new, honest  revote for the county.  This WILL make a

But that ballot is way off.  Possibly as much as 30,000 votes have
been miscast because of the Palm Beach County election office
creating a confusing ballot.

These votes must be recast!

PLEASE GO TO THE BELOW BOLD LINK NOW... and then forward to everyone
you know.

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