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>From: Stuart Anderson <>
>Subject: [max-msp] OT Rant: Thank you very, very much NN (Sarcastic)
>Well that's it, I've had enough!!

r u exhauztd +? mo! - non. paz de tout.

>I give in, 

u g!v out

>you win NN, 


>thanks a bunch.
>I've now subscribed in non digest mode 

!nd!gest +?

>which makes my life a lot more difficult 

hensz konglomeratez da +? zm!lz++

>just so I can filter out what you have to say. 
>All this so I can protect your right to free speech regardless of it being off topic, 
>inacurate and offensive.

kontrad!k!z!e - ma! konzult 01 med!k - prezkr!b > blk kapzulz

>Thanks again!!

exhauztd +? mo! - non. paz de tout.
nou u see m!

>No doubt you will have some long, rambing reply which makes me out to be 
>a facist or an idiot or whatever, but hey I bow to your superior brain!!

ma! konzult 01 publ!k b!bl!otek. update ur `but hey` edukaz!e.
nn d!vez !n 01 p!sc!na ov bookx. nou u dont

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     
 Netochka Nezvanova    -  one body : strength through diversity
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