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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> vote julu-crime

In a message dated 11/9/2000 11:55:11 AM Central Standard Time, 
sondheim@panix.com writes:

I think this Sondheim character is stealing my ideas.  I turned the election. 
 I said "Vote Genius 2000" before I read this.  I even had a list on the 
7th---before it was a tie you sons of bitches!

Also, the use of the word messes is like the use of Mud by the fuddy-duddy in 
the Jamie Lee Curtis Verizon Commercial.  Shape up your prose character 

Max Herman

> vote julu-crime
>  now there is this _mess_ which can't be resolved _messes_ can't be resol-
>  ved, but they hint of resolution _messes_ are tainted by clutter, entang-
>  lement, memory of resolution if one could only read the history of a
>  _mess_ _messes_ appear from the chaos of modernism postmodernity is rele-
>  vant to the _messes_ without pasts or lifeforms intoxicating _messes_ as
>  if there were someone or a group who had made _messes_ as if _messes could
>  be made out of something whole
>  vote julu-crime

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