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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Energy, Elections, and the Internet

> The Nader-ite denial rolls on. First, your
> characterization of gore voters is demeaning 

i wasn't talking about GORE voters, dummy.

> In an election
> this close, it's entirely reasonable that the votes for
> nader gave shrub some edge and you can't show that they 
> came from repubs. Nader
> makes republicans gag! No, I can't show any votes came
> from dems, but it makes a lot more sense just on

why, you don't like republicans?

> The denial is nothing more than an attempt to deflect
> responsibility for childish behavior. 

who's being childish? (other than me)

> In that, people who claim a vote for Nader
> didn't matter are acting just like the religious-right,
> saying in effect "we know what's right..."

maybe they do know whats right

if nader wasn't there, i wasn't gonna vote anyway.

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