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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Energy, Elections, and the Internet

btw -- i don't believe nader voters need (or believe they needs) anyone to save them from
the consequences of their votes, as you put it.

this is just the kind of condescending, patronizing tone to which i object. i'm quite
capable of weighing the consequences of my vote, myself, thanks. i just might weigh them
differently than you would. if you object to my criteria, fine, but your argument seems
premised on the bad faith of nader voters.

Law wrote:

> Some number of people voted for Nader as a protest, who would have
> voted for Gore. So, Gore lost some votes to Nader. I think this is
> confirmed by interviews and polls. Would you like to continue to argue
> this is not true?
> Arguing that Gore *should* have done better against Bush is specious.
> It amounts to saying that Gore should have saved Nader voters from the
> consequences of their vote.
> Open your eyes to the fact that the US is so evenly divided between
> Gore and Bush. This gives Nader supporters unprecedented sway. And,
> they misused it. I agreed with much of Nader's platform, but I am
> bitterly disappointed that he is not interested in progress, only
> contention. Perhaps that was his attraction.
> Maybe I'm getting concerned about nothing, the election is not over.
> Jim
> On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Jeffrey Fisher wrote:
> > my argument is not that without a landslide gore is a failure. the argument is that
> > gore lost a lot of constituencies he quite arguably should have won, and he lost
> > them to bush. your only response to this is that the "significantly worse" prospect
> > of a bush administration somehow leads to the conclusion that "nader supporters need
> > to face" the fact that they did damage to gore.

jeff fisher
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