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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Energy, Elections, and the Internet

my argument is not that without a landslide gore is a failure. the argument is that
gore lost a lot of constituencies he quite arguably should have won, and he lost
them to bush. your only response to this is that the "significantly worse" prospect
of a bush administration somehow leads to the conclusion that "nader supporters need
to face" the fact that they did damage to gore.

(1) surely, a vote for nader was not a vote for gore. but (a) neither was a vote for
bush, and (b) i have yet to see any evidence that gore or his supporters are owning
up to anything they could have done differently to win this election; rather, they
carp at nader and nader voters for tossing the election. in this respect, a vote for
nader could be said to have "done damage" regardless of his prospects for matching
funds. that doesn't mean you can write off a bush win (if indeed he does win) to
nader-voters. if that's the extent of democratic party analysis of the strategy of
this campaign, then they are even less capable than i fear.

(2) the small margin only means that gore would only have had to have kept a few
clinton voters (or turned out a few more voters) to win in spite of the nader vote.


Law wrote:

> I will argue that even if you don't like the present state of US
> politics or the two primary candidates, the prospect of a Bush
> presidency is still significantly worse than the prospect of a Gore
> presidency. And, given the small margin and Nader's lack of any
> prospect, matching funds or not, a vote for Nader did damage. Nader
> supporters need to face this.
> The argument that without a landslide Gore is a failure, baffles me.
> Jim
> On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Jeffrey Fisher wrote:
> > first of all, if gore had managed to win his home state, all of this would be
> > moot. perhaps before blaming nader, the gore campaign should remove the mote
> > from its eye and wonder what it could have done differently or better and ways
> > in which bush cut into the democatic coalition built by clinton. note that
> > gore lost vast numbers of people who voted for clinton twice.
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