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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Election Protests Start Saturday

It is not of my writing, I just passed the message onward - just want 
to make that clear.

I agree, there is a process to be followed in this situation.  But 
that process must be in the spirit of democracy and fairness.

It would be a shame if GW Bush gets elected on a technicality.

Anyone in the DC area that will be at the protest?  Contact me, I'll be there.


At 9:19 AM -0800 11/9/00, Eric Miller wrote:
>hi all,
>much as I agree with this in principle, and as a Gore supporter, one line
>sticks out here--
>"In this case, the stupid custom of "winner take all" is blocking
>the "stupid custom" in this case is the Constitution.  we simply cannot
>pre-empt it.  the rule of law is just, but not always fair.  And if that
>means we have a Shrub in the White House, so be it. 
>And in states like Oregon, if the electors don't vote as they pledge then
>they can be held liable in court for violating their agreement with their
>respective party.
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>Friends,      (Forward this message)
>Gore WON the popular vote but is LOSING the White House. But...
>The electors who make up the electoral college ARE NOT REQUIRED to
>vote for the candidate who won in their state. The whole point was to
>give the electoral college the final say. In this case, the stupid
>custom of "winner take all" is blocking democracy. It's within the
>power of the electors to make Gore the prez, and it would be right to
>Bush should step aside and let the EC choose Gore. Of course he won't
>do that willingly, but WE CAN MAKE HIM.
>There's a site coordinating protests for this Saturday in cities all
>over the country.  Please visit it, and show up this Saturday.
>God bless America,

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