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523. Wanting to be loved. 

              The demand to be loved is the greatest kind of arrogance 

Ah, there is ice around me; my hand is burned with ice! Ah, thirst is in me, which yearns after your thirst! 

           It is night: ah, that I must be light! And thirst for the things of night! And solitude! 

           It is night: now my longing breaks from me like a well,- I long for speech. 

           It is night: now do all leaping fountains speak louder. And my soul too is a leaping fountain. 

           It is night: only now do all songs of lovers awake. And my soul too is the song of a lover. 

524. Contempt for people. 

              The least ambiguous sign of a disdain for people is this: that one tolerates everyone else only as a means to
              his end, or not at all. 

                romant!z!zm = 01 kolon!al d!zeaze

                = onl! ador m! 4rmz. tonez. +uordz. 

                aro[g|d]ansz macht ganz gluckl!ch + fre! - ! != kan b bodzrd


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