P[urrsonal] A[rea] N[etwurker] on 9 Nov 2000 09:03:33 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] forced t][alk][orque

_Set match pointte_

1 xx set twinned in2 the cored oblivious...

[a genderfied code screwed in2 dna hell, co-joined and cut apart N lost]
[2 twinned twins, cuntrified hell statements, f][urther][ather&mutha
i][d][g.nored, court][orders][ed bi sci]
[mary//marred//mucked up 2 hell N back//sistah cortexed]

][An][other xy set in the waiting wings, patri][sui][cide...

[these boys won't quit//rapacious statements//disgruntled whores and
snoring birth of a governed nation//the oldies weep into their
leisure-suited gloss]
[torque of digni][grit][ty//the c][ontinuouos]ircus//dual borderpointed men
defile][d][ men N ][de][men][ted][ denote the cost]


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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