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Below I bring a small essay about chaos and Man.

In the beginning any man was completely free. He did, that he wanted.
Therefore he was absolutely chaotic in social sense.

Social rules then have appeared. The part of chaos was transformed in
determinism. The man has lost a part of freedom. His behavior has appeared
less chaotic and more ordered (predicted). The influence on the man on the
part of other people too has ceased to be so chaotic.

Then have begun occur the hierarchical social structures. They were the
ORGANIZATIONS. It has taken place then, when the man began to operate by
natural hierarchical structures. Hierarchical social structures it is
necessary the divisions of labor, and also hierarchical structure require.

In the beginning these hierarchical structures - organizations also were
completely chaotic. Social rules (economic legislation) for them then have
appeared. Thereof the organizations have lost a part of freedom and steel by
less chaotic (they became more predicted). So the transition from initial
("wild") capitalism to modern was carried out.

Last burst of primitive chaotic consciousness (archetype) is there is Marx
and "communistic idea": "all people are equal", "capitalist (= the manager)
is the same, as well as the illiterate worker" (and consequently he is the

However now man suffers from excessive determinism. However now
organizations suffer from excessive determinism.

Today superfluous determinism PREVENTS self-organizing of organizations and
both freedom of a choice and change of style of life for the separate man.
The burst hippi has softened a situation for the man a little. However
problem remains. Especially strong it is at a level of organizations.

Anatoliy ...

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