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Canadian Cultural Connections

"Canadian Cultural Connections" is a set of inter-connected, bilingual
directories containing information on over 5,000 English and French
artists, cultural workers and arts organisations in Canada. The
inter-connectedness of the databases allows you to navigate from one
database to another, passing through the CanadianCultural Connections
Directory, wherever there is a common link (individual or organisation)
shared by two pieces of information. Overview and general description   A
brief history of the databases The Databases Canadian Cultural Connections
Directory This database is the heart of Canadian Cultural Connections,
providing a listing of individuals and organisations involved in cultural
activities throughout Canada, including names, contact information and a
brief description.   The Events Calendar The Events Calendar includes
event information from across Canada in all cultural disciplines.  

Partnering for Canadian Arts & Culture   Canadian Cultural Web Sites World
Wide Web Sites about arts and culture activity in Canada, searchable by
discipline, name, location and description.   Canadian New Media Directory
Preview The New Media Directory contains information on Canadians involved
in the production of new media, and their works (works section still to
come).   The Facilities Directory Coming soon Scheduled for completion in
February 2000, the Facilities Directory will provide information on
Canadian performing arts facilities. Harvest of Cultural Information
CultureNet also provides a searchable index of the actual text of selected
cultural web sites. CAUTION: This index is built directly from the words
in the sites themselves, and has not been validated, categorized or
verified in any way. Canadian Cultural Connections was made possible
through financial support from the Department of Foreign Affairs, the
Deaprtment of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts, Stentor
Resources, Inc., and the Canadian Conference for the Arts.  

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