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[Nettime-bold] Protest Profits!

Rome, November 7, 2000
Investors soon to be awarded for their works.

No Protest No Profit, the first international competition of net.protest issued
by The Thing Rome and 01O0101110101101.ORG as a reaction to the censorship of
the Rome City Network, has closed with a positively active balance sheet.

The International Jury, composed by Natalie Bookchin (Los Angeles), Steve Dietz
(Minneapolis), Ricardo Dominguez (New York) and Matthew Fuller (London), is now
examining 55 projects, evaluating their "impact charge" and the coherence with
the aims of protest.

Meanwhile, No Protest No Profit has already gained the interest of two
international media art Festivals: Viper (held in Basel, Switzerland, October
20-22) and Observatori (held in Valencia, Spain, November 2-4).

In particular, the organization staff of Observatori agreed to buy the whole
work and to exhibit it on the website for a still-undefined
time span. In the next few days, as soon as the Jury will have established a
value for the single projects and the whole work, Observatori will make a formal
bid to the City of Rome for the acquisition of the original work sent to the
mailboxes of the Rome City Network management.

The whole work, with several stunning graphics, text and code-based elements, is
available at:


The Thing Rome


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