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[Nettime-bold] netart-init presents:Maciej Wisniewski and John Klima

*For Immediate Release*

NetArt Initiatives presents:

"Alternative Networks: Netomat + glasbead"
Two works which challenge and explore the current paradigm of how we
interact with the Internet.
Maciej Wisniewski and John Klima: live presentation
organised by Zhang Ga & Cristine Wang

Friday, November 10, 2000
presentation at 7 PM
Parsons Center for New Design
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.

live online at:


Maciej Wisniewski:
"n e t o m at": http://www.netomat.net
is a meta-browser that engages a different Internet - an Internet that
is an
intelligent application and not simply a large database of static files.

netomat(TM)dialogues with the net to retrieve information as unmediated
independent in form. Our current point-and-click navigation, rigid
information distribution, and passive browsing of "authored" information
today's interactivity will be of little use when using netomat(TM).

Maciej Wisniewski is an artist and programmer whose work focuses on the
underlying social implications of technology and the network.  Netomat
his earlier projects ("m e t a V i e w ", "T u r n s t i l e  2", "S c a
n l
i n k", "J a c k p o t", and "T e l e - T o u c h") have been featured
online and offline exhibitions at Postmasters Gallery, New York; ZKM,
Karslruhe Germany; ICA, London; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis;
SoHo; Johannesburg Biennial; and Benjamin Weil's ada'web.  Wisniewski
received an Masters Degree in Fine Arts and studied
toward a Ph.D. program at the Institute for General Linguistics and
Computational Linguistics, University of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.

John Klima:
"glasbead": http://www.glasbead.com
is a an ongoing exploration into sound/music interfaces implementing
multi-user gaming technology. By manipulating an entirely graphical 3d
interface, the collaborative sound interface allows players to upload
trade sample sounds without restriction as to content. Current bandwidth

allows 20 online participants to manoever through glasbead

John Klima is an artist and programmer who recently received the "Golden

Lasso" award for Web3d RoundUp at the Siggraph computer graphics
in New Orleans this summer. glasbead and other vrml works and
have been exhibited at the ICC, Tokyo in New Media New Faces;
Gallery, NY; Viper Int'l Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland; European Media
Festival, Osnabruck, Germany;


The NETART INITIATIVE is a loosely knit, open source based, hub styled,
oriented, action enabled consortium, where people meet, virtually and
to communicate, exchange, and discourse for advancing the understanding
of a
virtual art, a networked art and an art that is pervasive and ubiquitous
the years to come.

jihui (the meeting point, a project of NetArt Initiative), a
digital salon, invites all interested people to send ideas for
discussion/performance/etc, jihui puts you right under the spotlight.
more info, visit http://netart-init.org check under toBeIsToDo.

jihui is sponsored by Center for New Design @ Parsons School of Design


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