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[Nettime-bold] LUCKYKISS_XXX: adult kisekae ningyou sampling

// LUCKYKISS_XXX > adult kisekae ningyou sampling ^_^

An online art exhibit of erotic digital paper dolls for adult download and
play. A select sampling of international KiSS data sets from the late
1990's to the present created by accomplished KiSS artists such as Yuki
Shira and Glyndon. LUCKYKISS_XXX also includes the  article "Technologies
of Undressing: The Digital Paper Dolls of KISS" written by game designers
Eric Zimmerman and Elena Gorfinkel, and a curator's note by Anne-Marie

KISS: KiSS originated in Japan as paper dolls that appeared on the backs of
girl manga magazines. In the early 1990's KiSS migrated to the net and
spread world-wide, evolving into an experimental collaborative digital art

KISEKAE: changing clothes

NINGYOU: dolls

XXX: adult

WORLD KISS PROJECT:  Collaborative efforts of many artists and programmers
to create free viewers and free interactive KiSS dolls.

KISS DATA SET: one frame of a KiSS doll including all accessories and
clothing layers.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a site dedicated to texts, art, and games having to do
with gaming culture, gender play, and open source hacker/ forms.


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