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[Nettime-bold] Less than a penny per minute, talk to anyone, anywhere in the U.S.

Talk to Anyone, Anywhere in the U.S. for Less than a Penny per Minute.

With our calling card you'll get the lowest long distance prices anywhere! No connection fees, or any hidden costs of any kind. We can offer this fantastic deal because of our high volume of repeat business. We deliver the highest value in the industry and, best of all, your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed! 

For just $39 you get 3910 minutes to call anywhere in the U.S., any time. That's less than a buck for 100 minutes! Don't wait! This is the best deal going from one of America's most dependable telecommunication's companies.

For your convenience we accept personal checks, cash, cashiers checks and money orders. CA residents please add 8.25% sales Tax.

Mark your order then print the following form and mail to:

1626 N. Wilcox, Suite 590
Hollywood, CA 90028

___$39 for 3910 minutes	    ___ $59 for 6000 minutes
___$49 for 4950 minutes             ___ $79 for 8300 minutes

Ship to: _______________________________________________
Shipping Address: _______________________________________
City: __________________________________________________
State: _________________________________________________
Zip Code: ______________________________________________
Your email: _____________________________________________
Your telephone: _________________________________________

Make all checks payable to:  SMARTEC

All orders are shipped within 48 hours.

To be removed from our future mailing please email nhgfd@myrealbox.com and you will be removed instantly.


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