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[Nettime-bold] Getting Back To You Regarding Your Request

You were recently referred to me as someone who was
ready for a CHANGE, a financial breakthrough, so I'll
get right to the point.

I am the one that can help you make $125,000 plus this
year from HOME with your computer and phone. 
This is Not MLM and it IS very REAL.

Are you Serious about making $2000 plus per week 
starting Right Away with a SIMPLE system 
where customers are contacting you and 
you do absolutely ZERO selling?

Can you follow simple step-by-step instructions and put
forth the effort to make this a reality for yourself starting
today? If your answer is YES, then we need to talk.

I have few positions available on my team and its in my best
interest to train you for success.  In fact, I'm so sure that
I can do so, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is!
Upon accepting you as a member on my team, I will provide 
you with complete Professional Training and Advertising  
Assistance to put you immediately on the road to success.

No experience necessary.... However you must have 
two qualities: moderate people skills and a serious desire 
for a personal and financial change.

Take a moment to take the next step by calling me at my 
Home Office and I will get you the details.

1-800-570-3782  ext 0652
24 Hrs/ 7 Days

Prosperous Regards!

"Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living;
Profits make you a fortune"
					- Jim Rohn

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