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[Nettime-bold] Electronic Literature Award -- For Immediate Release

From: Scott Rettberg <>
To: ELO Lit Ad Board <>


November 2, 2000
Chicago, Illinois

Headline: Electronic Literature Organization Announces $10,000 Awards for
Electronic Fiction and Poetry

The Electronic Literature Organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
with a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, reading, and
publishing of literature designed for the electronic media, will award two
$10,000 prizes for electronic fiction and poetry in the first annual
Electronic Literature Awards competition sponsored by ZDNet (NASDAQ: CNET).

The Electronic Literature Organization <> today
announced an awards competition for works of fiction and poetry made
specifically for the electronic media. The Electronic Literature Awards
competition is the most substantial literary competition open to all
individual authors creating works designed for the Internet and other
electronic media. With prizes that are the monetary equivalent of a National
Book Award, the Electronic Literature Awards will spur and reward literary
innovation in digital media.

Larry McCaffery, author of _Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of
Cyberpunk and Postmodern Science Fiction_, and of _After Yesterday's Crash:
The Avant Pop Anthology_, will judge the Fiction competition. Heather
McHugh, Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and author of _Hinge &
Sign_ and _The Father of the Predicaments_, will judge the Poetry

"We are grateful to ZDNet for their visionary sponsorship of the Electronic
Literature Awards," said Scott Rettberg, executive director of the
Electronic Literature Organization. "These prizes will not only reward the
pioneers who are already creating innovative literature in the electronic
media, but will also help to inspire writers and artists who are only
beginning to explore the amazing creative opportunities this field offers."

The judges of the competition will select the Grand Prize winner in each
category from a short list of 10 works in each category nominated by a
committee of electronic literature experts from the ELO's Literary Advisory
Board, a group of 40 leading writers, critics, and publishers.

The Electronic Literature Awards are open to all. Authors may submit their
own work to the competition. Entries will be judged for innovative use of
electronic techniques and enhancements, literary quality, and quality and
accessibility of interface design. Authors may make multiple submissions,
though a nominal $15 application will be charged for each work. Collections
will be accepted if they are intended to be read holistically as a single

The Electronic Literature Organization will open submissions on December
1st, 2000, and close submissions February 15, 2001. Authors will be able to
enter their works online or through the mail via a PDF form. The short list
will be announced to the media in March 2001, and the Grand Prize winners
will be announced at a ceremony later in the Spring (location TBA).

The Electronic Literature Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
with a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, reading, and
publishing of literature designed for the electronic media. Based in
Chicago, ELO is directed by a national board of leading experts in
electronic literature, internet business, and electronic publishing, and is
additionally advised by an international board of literary advisors and a
board of internet industry advisors. The ELO maintains the Electronic
Literature Directory and an Electronic Literature Web Resource Center,
staffed by a network of leading e-lit writers operating independently in
different parts of the USA. ELO is supported by the donations of individual
members and by corporate sponsors including Jupiter Communications, NBCi,
and ZDNet.

CNET Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNET) is the global source of technology and
commerce-related information, data, exchanges and services. As a top 10
Internet company with operations in more than 23 countries and 16
languages, CNET Networks connects buyers, sellers and suppliers throughout
the IT supply chain with award-winning content via the Web, wireless
devices, television, radio and print. Its respected brand portfolio
includes,, mySimon,,, Computer Shopper
magazine,, and CNET Radio, as well as CNET Channel
Services, including CNET Data Services, CNET Media Services and CNET
Apollo. The company's vision is to educate and empower people and
businesses by unlocking the potential of the technology world to make
things easier and faster, and by helping them to make smarter buying

The Electronic Literature Organization Board of Directors: Jeff Ballowe
(President), Mark Bernstein, Peter Bernstein (Treasurer), Robert Coover,
Gene DeRose, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Cathy Marshall (Secretary), Krishnan
Menon, Stuart Moulthrop, Celia O'Donnell, Anne Schott, Rob Swigart, Larry
Wangberg, William Wadsworth

The Electronic Literature Organization Literary Advisory Board: Espen
Aarseth, Mark Amerika, Robert Arellano, Richard Bangs, John Barth, Jay David
Bolter, Michael Berube, T.C. Boyle, Jane Yellowlees Douglas, Morgan
Entrekin, Edward Falco, Loss Pequeno Glazier, Carolyn Guertin, Carolyn
Guyer, Katherine Hayles, Rob Kendall, Raine Kosimaa, George Landow, Thomas
LeClair, Brian Lennon, Jennifer Ley, Judy Malloy, Harry Mathews, Adrian
Miles, Larry McCaffery, Jerome McGann, Heather McHugh, Nancy Lin, George
Plimpton, Jim Rosenberg, Barney Rosset, Joanna Scott, Joseph Tabbi, Nan A.
Talese, Takayuki Tatsumi, Susana Pajares Tosca, Sue Thomas, Stephanie
Strickland, Robert Wittig

The Electronic Literature Organization Internet Industry Advisory Board:
Walter Buckley, Chris Kitze, Scott Kurnit, Dan Rosensweig, Robert Ziff

Media Contact:
Scott Rettberg, executive director

Carolyn Guertin, Department of English, University of Alberta
E-Mail:; Tel/FAX: 780-438-3125

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