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>why are your emails always in semi crypted language? it is not that i dont
>like the content but to write the i as an !  i dont get the point..

The past millennium, and in particular the past century, saw revolutionary developments not only in science but also in
scientific language. Scientists now speak and write a language alien to most, even to their fellow scientists in other
disciplines. Do they realize the ramifications of using a language comprehensible only to the few? Language is a crucial issue
for science, especially if scientists want to communicate with the public and other fields. If scientists strive to write simply
and clearly, then discoveries will have more impact and attract a wider audience.

Specialist words are essential for accuracy, but they can also result in a private, isolating jargon. For example: "Behavioural
effects of menstrual pain are lessened by a common contraceptive" will surely attract more interest than the same paper
crippled with the title "Behavioural effects of dysmenorrhaea are attenuated by progestin".

... science
students are generally not required to take courses to enhance their written
or oral skills. 

Like it or not, English is now the language of
science, and people who don't speak it are effectively cut off from scientific knowledge, except through translations that
often appear well after they are most needed.

These countries face a double challenge: educate in science and educate in English. Financial and logistic support from the
rich English-speaking countries to spread their language in poorer countries would certainly benefit everyone.

colonialism = benefits every one

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