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[Nettime-bold] finally, the site is updated and we are featuring:

(apologies for cross-posting)

finally, the site is updated and we are featuring:

||||||TAM TALKS with GH HOVAGIMYAN |||||

In this RealAudio Video by Lee Songe Tam Monitor
editor Cristine Wang talks to media artist GH
Hovagimyan at his home + studio in tribeca...covers
his ongoing collaborative project "SoaPOPera for
Laptops", with Peter Sinclair, collaborative work with
Gordon Matta Clark, and 112 Greene Street Workshop
(the 1st alternative space in the united
states)...(part 1)

TAM TALKS is an ongoing series of interviews and
visits with artists working in varied media, and
appears as part of the New Media Initiatives of The
Alternative Museum. TAM MONITOR is a bi-monthly
electronic journal of contemporary art. Lee Songe is
an independent filmaker whose earlier work: "Echo Off"
was featured at the Anthology Film Archive's New
Filmaker Series  

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