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[Nettime-bold] Items for sale from the Genius 2000 Foundation (non-profit status planned)

(For more information about Genius 2000, go to www.rhizome.org; query:  Max 
Herman Genius 2000.  To discuss this post, go to 


In order to gain funds for the months of November and December, I'm going to 
sell some Genius 2000 Network art.  Remember, art is always an investment, 
even if the goal of that investment is total efficiency and hence the 
elimination of profit.  (I would also like to say that "Genius 2000" is not 
best described as art.  "Economics", "Literature," and "Peace"--the 
categories of Nobel Prize I am willing to accept for my personal 
contributions to the Network--are equally accurate.)

I haven't been able to figure out the subtleties of ebay so all inquiries 
should be made to me at nmherman@aol.com.  

What's for sale?

The main item is the Video First Edition.  Around seventy of the limited run 
of 100 signed copies have already been sold or given away.  I'm keeping ten 
for myself.  The last twenty--#'s 81-100--are for sale as part of this offer. 
 (After all 100 are sold, I won't sign or number future copies of the First 
Edition.  This insures the long-term value of your investment.)

The lowest offer I'll accept from individual buyers is $19.99; the highest 
$1,999.00.  All sales to institutions are subject to a 1000% markup, making 
the minimum price for institutions $1,999.00 and the maximum $199,900.00.

Each number will sell by an informal auction.  Individual/institutional 
status will be determined by the Network.  Allow one week for delivery after 
your check clears.  Checks can be sent to a P.O. box TBA, and inquiries 
should be sent to me at nmherman@aol.com.

What will the revenue from this sale be used for?  

First, it will fund a trip to New York City for myself and various events 
there, including Rhizome Open Mouse on Nov. 16.  I will also use the funds to 
purchase a digital video camera and a computer with video-editing capability; 
travel to any national or international destination, and to create various 
Network installations and events before the end of 2000.  If large amounts of 
revenue appear, I will buy a server for the Network and donate the remainder 
to web art charities such as Rhizome and the Genius 2000 Foundation for Art 
and Media (non-profit status not yet applied for).  

You can also buy a numbered, signed color 8x10 print to commemorate the 
Genius 2000 Conference 2000 (see the Conference site at 
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/Launch.html).  You can choose from 
three images, each printed at Target for $6.99 and mailed priority mail.  The 
images are:  

http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/WinonaLaduke.JPG (full color sans dots)

The cost for these prints is fixed at $20.00 US.  Send check or money order 
to P.O. Box TBA.  The run will be limited to 2000 signed and numbered copies 
or however many are sold by Jan. 1, 2001, whichever is lowest.  Tax, 
shipping, etc. are all included in the price of $20.00 US; International 
orders add $10.00 US for postage.  

I also have a collection of papers, emails, and other objects for sale.  
Write me at nmherman@aol.com to ask about them.  

Special items:

1.  Original Genius 2000 Project Hi-8 tape (suitable for archival), approx. 
40 hours.
2.  Untitled #1 on paper, $200,000.00
3.  Collection of texts on paper, $200,000.00
4.  Assorted manuscripts
5.  The wooden street sign from the Video:  $500.00 plus shipping.
6.  Other art by Network Contributors (pending their agreement)
7.  "Shlagel," the first album from my band Tekmate (cassette now or CD by 
Nov. 16)


That's about it.  I'll get the P.O. Box today so interested buyers can ask me 
later where to send a check.  If you buy a signed First Edition or Conference 
2000 Print, you are permitted to resell it or broadcast it as you wish.  
Copies are OK but watch out for forgeries!  Other items may be copyright so 
be careful.

If you've already got or have asked for a free signed edition, don't worry, 
these tapes are still legitimate and/or being mailed.  I would request 
however that anyone who has or has seen a tape send a short one-sentence 
review to me, along with your email or url, for archival on the Network site. 

If you want to sell any of your own art on behalf of the Network, contact me. 
 We are flexible on royalties, but follow a fundamentally nonprofit model.


Other news:  I'm going to be in NYC for OpenMouse at FUN November 16.  Anyone 
who is part of the Genius 2000 Network can contribute to that presentation 
and/or attend in person.  I will also be in Boston, MA during the 
Thanksgiving vacation.  Other travel and events depend on the revenue gained 
from this sale.  Any individuals or organizations who have non-profit or 
charitable status should contact me regarding potential grants or awards from 
the Network.

Thanks and enjoy the selections,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Conference 2000 Prints On Sale

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