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";)" <>

>dear "Joris Schenk" <>
>>why are your emails always in semi crypted language? it is not that i dont
>>like the content but to write the i as an !  i dont get the point..
>but slow sex >> quick sex, yes?
>and the disrobing is part of the pleasure, is it not?  so long as 
>there is always more to discover.

dze vektorz = meant 2konverge 
1 -
volat!le junkture.
but 1 dzat = zusta!nd. 
-az 1 op3n 
3ku!l!br!um ov
mov!ng k0mp0n3ntz
each w!th !Tz own 
l!b!d!nal ekonom+e d!ffrnt. 
4rom west-z orgazm_!k 
br!ng akt!v!t+e 2 1p!Tch ov 
!ntens!t+e dzat !=
d!ssapatd !n 1-kl=!.max.
komarad luvrz 4 ur helthz zake

                 | |  ordnung + d!zpl!n 

how it was the konstrukt `nato` became appropriated 
- a falsification of that reality with 0+1 most delightful motion. 

recalls one may the konstrukt once signified - a brutish, politico-military
force intent on childish and blatant bullying of unrestrained power flows.
+ jetzt we have the maschine of N2+0 before us in our hands, 
0+1 glorious superfluous machine - superfluous in that none
but the auteur could possibly its full becoming bring about, 
her lover even the extent of it would not comprehend. 

triggering desire through her, an overpowering desire to conquer it, 
2 manipulate it, to have it yield before her on its knees - else to
have the object so appropriately named - force her to submit it its own will, 
2 set it alive among the externa she offered, 2 breathe its anim through 
her flesh, electrify her capillaries into 0+1 continual stream of falsified 
orgasm - as much as 1 pretends in ones imaginary-reality,
it is indeed the greatest of falsifications, 

the undecided + wavering reality;  nato becomes - the replacement lover. 

in the hands of inartikulate machines of the mind it falls - il se rabat sur
knowing it is 0+0 more than the mirror-image, your representation as
perceived - enregistrant l'observateur.


                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!n.     
 Netochka Nezvanova -  admit it. you have wanted 1 since you were 9 years old
                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >

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