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[Nettime-bold] |||||||| rolux |||||||| Introduction to a true history of the Internet

Sebastian Luetgert

Introduction to a true history of the Internet

(1) One cannot make much, if one is not two. Sometimes, if one quite alone is, 
one must be able oneself to double, its native country betray or a second 
nationality assume, i.e. doubles, really to be to be able. Lenin had all its 
ideas, when he was not in Russia. Afterwards it had terribly much to do, erred 
half of its time it, and then it died. But its large creative period was the 
time in the exile in Switzerland, when in Russia hunger NOT prevailed and it 
made bicycle routes in the mountains above Zurich. There it thought best - when 
it was simultaneous at two places. The interesting at the Internet or at the 
Websitesmachen or such a thing is situated in the fact that one can divide the 
possibility with others of being simultaneous at two places. But it should be 
also a communication place, and it is also one, but rather all communication is 
prevented there.

(2) It makes a Website is, as it is made, from such Monotonie that one masks it 
with all kinds of Maetzchen, with many people on a heap, which bores itself, 
which does not know, how they are to dead-strike the time. And fortunately does 
not have possibly who an ingenious idea, which one calls ingeniously, because 
one would call her bloed, would say themselves the people to trust: I make which 
Bloedes. Therefore one says: No, I make an ingenious Website. And three months 
long one meets, must talk one together, and afterwards one cracks oneself. But 
takes only three months. Afterwards one looks oneself up which other one. It is 
really a totally false life, which will maintain by fear and lack of conception 
at people, which have much conception, but for any reason it to create to see 
them them do not have the need to see fewer of it on the display and they find 
that mad. Still the last Website is fewer fantasyful than the run of the day of 
possibly someone, and this someone finds the Website, on which he was and pulled 
for which one him more than two dollar telephone charges from the bag, as much 
more madly than its own life. Those are all rather strange phenomena, but does 
not care me, only: thus to live is quite miserable.

(3) As one can talk thus about it and to it react? the society, the obligations 
does not go is too strong on this level. And even between people, which liked 
themselves at first... We were in love into one another, XXXXX and I, with all 
our errors, then however... Actually is everything that I can say to the fact 
that Internet apart-brought us totally. It has, believes I, always regretted 
that it did not operate in the silicone Valley, and I believe, it would have 
been luckier there, only it would have had to be born evenly ten years in former 
times and with the chance to land a daily in San Francisco. But only times it 
concerned to make in other way Internet to be able and survive to live on it, 
well, to live normally on it i.e., to make quite normally Internet to earn so 
much that it would have gone Websites to make, which one wants to make for a 
two-room dwelling, a bathroom and holidays and and evenly no Werbesites or 
Pornosites or political Sites or whatever. To be forced and to go to America 
like three quarters of the Europeans. We created that also approximately, but 
with such an energy expenditure, and it made us also so lonely that one says 
oneself: that cannot be normal nevertheless. There one has the means to make 
Websites... And then one notices that the people do not want at all to change, 
and I do not believe, the world also.

(4) Even because one inside the Internet more easily which change can, even in 
the Internet industry, much more easily than in the literature, in the arts -
which one calls so the arts -, because it gives fewer, it fewer Websites made 
than books are printed. It is simpler to change a programming because it gives 
fewer programs and fewer programmers. The number of those, which make in Germany 
Websites, is many smaller than the number of those, which write. It would have 
to be simpler to change the relation between computers and desk than between a 
press or an assembly-line, a work bench, a machine tool with Audi or with Fords. 
But changes exactly there to few. Even an auto is today no longer exactly the 
same produced like in former times times. A computer..., if one looks at oneself 
a PC, that is today still exactly the same as in the seventies, which does not 
have itself at all changed.

(5) One can a programmer, who finds the fact that he is badly paid or a worker 
promises: Well, I will more give you - I made that, was naively, as I -, I pay 
you more, but write also a little writing the text. Whereupon it says: Those 
will be suited to nothing, I cannot not write. I legend to it: That is already 
clear me, but even because they will be bad, to become them with help, improve 
to find. Thus permit me that I pay you for the fact that you abmuehst yourself, 
to write perfectly bloede texts. Me that would give something to the hand, in 
order improves to find. That would make much easier all, if I could proceed from 
something Bloedem, in order to find somewhat fewer Bloedes - which you believed, 
also only the text processing would never call. It, which will never call 
programmers, the text processing, even if one said to him: Write which over you. 
Over itself even still fewer. Do not speak already, of it remains anywhere an 
impression. Yes, which concerns a talking, which talk people, which make 
Internet, which one can probably say. More still than in the normal life. In the 
normal life the work does not leave the time in addition. Pupils may not talk in 
instruction, workers may in the factory not talk, secretaries not at all. But 
with the Internet one is privileged, designer, Konzepter talks continuously, it 
does not stop.

(6) The amateurs, those make Yahoo rich, them make many web pages, but they make 
only a page at one time, them make a page during holidays, one at Christmas, 
perhaps one, if a child comes, but never make them the page, which could be 
linked with first. If they a web page make - from which need do they do that? 
With them that is possibly natural quite, but I find, for an Internet 
professional am not that not natural. For me the enemy is the Internet 
professional, who programs in the reason still fewer than the amateur. I can ask 
the amateur at least whether he saw a Website of me, which interested him, and 
afterwards can I him ask: After you made this page, why do not have you then one 
thereafter made? In this way I have at least an absolutely real maintenance 
about Internet. And it becomes over the fact clear will that indeed a next means 
to make to have that one wants to begin to manufacture left. And it does not 
need, requires one not of it. Everyone does not have to make Websites. But 
those, which which make, of which one can require it. Professionally? It depends 
on in which sense whether one means it positive or negative. if I argue with 
professional ones, I mostly accuse to them that they are not professional ones, 
because they maintain it from itself. But opposite other professional ones, 
which accuse that I would not be professional, opposite those lodge a complaint 
I the status of an amateur to me. To them legend I: However, you are no Internet 
amateurs, you are still worse professionals than with the football. Yes, 
certainly, they are a caste, a Mafia, and the people have fear of them. One sees 
with the Streaming, which could be surely still many simpler, how quickly it 
specializes, it remains, like it is, one does not clarify not, what one could 
make thereby, and one makes nothing from it.

(7) To think but of a target group with most that is the large fraud. They say: 
One must respect the target group, one must of the target group think, one must 
remember that the Website does not bore the target group. Above all must one to 
remember that, if a Website bores the target group she does not look at her and 
that, which talks in such a way, if he puts cash into the Website it will anyhow 
lose. It would be more correct, it would say: I must try to attract the maximal 
quantity people in order to earn the maximal quantity cash. That is complete 
correct, only he should say it. Do not say and: One may not bore the target 
group. " one may " is called there nothing at all. My first reaction was long 
time that I proceeded from the insight, which I had even in each case and said: 
Continuously about the target group is talked, I does not know her not, I see 
her not, I white not who that is. Begun to think of the target group I have 
because of the large failures, because of the enormous failures for example with, which in fifteen days only eighteen people looked at themselves. 
Eighteen - I did not count myself, so far can I finally count. There I said 
myself then: Who to the devil are this eighteen, which I would like to know 
gladly. Those I would gladly have seen these eighteen persons, who came to look 
at itself, I would have seen gladly its picture. That was that first times that 
I had really thought of the target group. There I could think of the target 
group. I do not believe that Amazon can think of the target group. How can one 
of twelve million visitor think? Their CEO can of twelve million dollar think, 
but is simply impossible of twelve million visitor to think, that.

(8) Rolux cannot give a conception of the Internet, it can, anyhow I tried, a 
conception of people in the Internet to give, and I find fewer dishonestly than 
even for example the Website of Etoy, which tries to say to the people: Thus it 
runs in the Internet. And the people understand nothing about all that, but they 
are content, in their conception to have been encouraged that one can understand 
about it anyway nothing and that it runs evenly in such a way. While, how the 
Toywar Website really developed, ran not at all in such a way. But it is evenly 
no coincidence that Toywar received the Webby Award then sometime for the best 
foreign Website, it is evenly a typical American Website. " Toywar " is a 
technical term, for a trick. It is a technical process. But I think, one this 
Website also distinguished, because she covers so well, even because it do in 
such a way, as if uncover her something, which Internet can be, somewhat magic, 
which goes to one completely over the horizon and tightens a quantity of 
pleasant and unpleasant people at the same time.

(9) The Finanziers or the mediators, the Provider is more realistically than 
three quarters of all network artists, because they think of the target group in 
shape from of dollars, them thinks of three million people to two dollar per 
hour, them makes a small multiplication, and then they say themselves... That is 
to be thought their type. That is at least real, and they try. But if one does 
not remember? What is in me, which could four million visitor interest? I used 
long time, until I could say myself in such a way, and I think that perhaps what 
I can say interests in Berlin one hundred to two one hundred people. But how? 
Internet is not particularly well organized for it. In order to achieve it by 
Mail, I would have to write too many Mails. The Website, which I make in the 
Internet, does not achieve it also. In order to achieve it, I would have to make 
it differently, I would have to make so a Website, how I would not like to make 
her. Thus legend I me: One must think at the same time smaller, somewhat longer 
and differently. And then it comes up me that I really alone am. And thus we 
encounter the actual problem. What causes that what I make could interest 
someone else?

(10) And if I see the Website of Etoy, find I mean more honest if you do not 
want like that, because I remained absolutely outside, that are... I white... At 
that time I did not think in such a way, but if I had to make it today, it would 
be first. Which is not honest on the Etoy Website, is that it do not show, how 
they engage the people. Like it lawyers and managers engage and how... Etoy show 
up only times evenly before a small helicopter, which they no more do not have, 
and write then the word " Internet " over it. Which is, in order to show, what 
they think from the Internet, from an unbelievable Bloedheit. As I see it, that 
is Internet primarily a financial matter. One has cash, it gives it to another, 
and then this different one does, as if he is an artist, but in reality... And 
over Rolux: I white exactly, I do not see people in the Internet operating, and 
then I, like that, see its relations to each other broken-made it am obviously 
no place... But after Toywar - as one could describe there, what that is: a 
Website make? One would say... I do not know, what one would say. One would be 
incapably too... And evenly in it the strength of the Internet, it is 
appropriate encourages the people in its conception, it would be which 
mysterious and which confidence, because one outputs at the same time finally 
each month fifty or sixty dollar telephone charges on it. Internet and 
television would have to be like province newspapers. There are so small 
newspapers. The artists here... You make a newspaper for you. Small newspapers 
made for the university, and one does not say oneself: This newspaper must be 
sold in the whole world. For inside, that is sufficient. I think, with Websites 
am it exactly the same. It can give few, which perhaps are for all, but badly is 
it, to proceed from all. I believe, which has quite bad consequences, over which 
the people are not in the clear.

(11) There is a thing, which always employed me: as one of a web page on the 
other hand arrives. That means in the reason: why one a page with the other one 
links. The amateur programmers do not make it, them need it not. But the 
profesionellen programmers, the left not only a web page with the other one, but 
eight hundred together. They can rely on it - in such a way it runs today - that 
the eight hundred pages are all the same, it is multiplied a page by eight 
hundred. Man takes different designers, over to show..., but one modifies the 
names of the on the left of only, because, if one left the names, the people 
would not come any longer. They are totally finished from their work in the 
university or in the office, see them not that it is the same Website.

(12) Internet is a power, and the people use still gladly Websites. What do they 
look at themselves in the Internet gladly? Rolux, on my account also Toywar or 
such a thing, if that still pleases the people in the Internet, so because the 
type, as it is made, is closer, because in it a tremendous strength is situated 
and because that will not also change. Perhaps the technical standards change, 
but the crucial remains. It is the only place, where it is possible to change 
things which are not suited in such a way. Everywhere otherwise for it too many 
people are necessary, one need too many things, in order to enable it. So one 
has the selection to wait and accomplish its own small stuff, if one creates it. 
But but one needs a large passivitaet despite everything. One can operate times 
with twelve persons and then with two, and then one, on the basis of two or 
three tries whether it still another few different one does not give, which 
would have desire. Perhaps one must also not absolutely together-do with 
Internet people. One must itself elsewhere allied to look up, in order to make 
despite all something. Silicone Valley? Yes, that is a cultural phenomenon, 
which is as much stronger than everything else, and which cannot be neglectable. 
It cannot simply, the proof for it is that it continues better ever. It 
continues better than ever since 1990.

(13) We know only few people. The few, which we know, with which are we fast 
zerstritten. I do not create it easy to find someone. The only one, which I had 
found - and there it was still it, who came to me -, was XXXXX. he to me came 
and said: I can make alone no Websites, I must more than one be. It wanted to 
make Websites, but differently than the others, not alone. And I clarified 
unconsciously that I would not create alone it. One had to be to second at 
least. And perhaps then, too as third as possible. But I did not create it. 
After XXXXX I found a woman, a friend, but we say ourselves: we are one and a 
half. One and a half, because we are only half of three. One and a half is not 
called and half, it is called half of three. I have it never production to be 
too third. The problem of my Website is to find third. That I would have a 
programmer for example, but a programmer, who may make also times which other 
one, only to program, or at least one, which needs a programming for itself, 
which would not be content, to make its cash and to sell, which needed for 
itself, that did not only need the code also for itself and for the agency or 
for me, if I require it of him. If it a programmer would be good -. If it 
finance were, then would be it finances. If it were a recorder, it would be a 
recorder. If it were a designer, a designer. That would be all the same -
everyone could be third. We believe that the large silicone Alley of portals are 
sketched by one, sometimes from two, if they are good, if they are better. And 
if for example... Me it is only recently again come up that the strength was 
situated from Nettime that they could come to a certain point in time into 
Europe to the break-through, simply in the fact that they were too third or too 
viert, which talked together about Internet. And that was approximately already 
sufficient in relation to the others, because they which said and which had need 
to say itself it because they had the need to pass through by the impression of 
somewhat and this impression means was evenly Internet and not the book. 
Otherwise one does not make Internet.

(14) The network criticism should make Websites, instead of criticizing. Or 
however network criticism such as Websites make. Their strength, when they made 
network criticism, consisted of the fact that it was not a criticism. They spoke 
as programmers about the Websites of other programmers, and often they did not 
know, what they wanted to say about the Website as Website, because them did not 
please them simply. There only remained for them - they could not say easily: 
that is broken links - to try to attach to call with the name which had made it, 
as a physical and moral person, and, this physical and moral person somewhat, so 
that their it became clear that they which bad about the Website said. When they 
made Nettime, they spoke them about Websites, because it did not manage, 
Websites to program. That did not make it sad, it began only. I believe, then 
was it. I never saw myself as a network critic, but when someone, which talks 
about a Website, because it has desire to make even one. About a Website to talk 
was to be made like one. It was a type to do something with the Internet to 

(15) Today I have again desire - and if we have time, we will perhaps make it, 
and if I find two or three people, which have also desire in addition like I -, 
I have again desire, I hope, that am a spiral and none circulus vitiosus to make 
again criticism and talk over Internet or to make Internet in form of a 
magazine. Times it does not program, but writes and publishes, a mixture from 
Screenshots and texts, particularly network criticism, like her today, my 
opinion after, to be perhaps differently made could to come there that one 
criticizes a Website, as one criticizes a meal or an autoengine, which is 
falsely installed. That one does not say: that is beautiful, that is great, that 
is as from Jodi, that is more beautiful than Jodi...

(16) On the AR Electronica were we, but we felt really very much unwohl thereby. 
We did not want to go on Berlin beta, therefore we felt obligated to go on AR 
the Electronica and easily did not dare to say to them they would be just as 
bloed and we also, because we would have come. And then we wanted to show our 
Website also gladly. That is really very distorted everything. That is, as if 
one goes to a meeting and says themselves then afterwards: Which is only for a 
beschissener association, I hold here that no longer out... But one can say 
oneself that only if one only is times there. The Medienfestivals is like a law. 
Anyhow Festivals are the only places, where about Websites one does not speak. 
But it is correct already, if the Internet people do not talk about Websites. 
One must nevertheless talk a little about, which one makes, and so meets it 
evenly in this form. That gives it actually everywhere. There are congresses of 
dentist, it gives congresses... The Internetmacher is an industry like every 
different one also. The dentists would not dare naturally to say: the Festival 
of the tooth.

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