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[Nettime-bold] The Digital Cinema Conference at MIT

The Digital Cinema Conference at MIT
November 3-5, 2000
Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Digital Cinema Conference at MIT brings together filmmakers, critics,
media-industry leaders and academics to explore the state of digital
cinema, the future of digital cinema, and its likely impact on contemporary
media culture.

The conference will feature screenings of significant digital works,
including Kevin Rubio's TROOPS, Evan Mather's Quentin Tarantino's Star
Wars, Vilma Gregoropoulos's Could Be Worse!, Marc Forster's Everything Put
Together, Jason Wishnow's Tattooine or Bust, Hans Uhrig's Synchronicity and
films from the Boston-based Big Noise film collective.

Full details about panels, speakers, films and registration are available
on the conference website:

The Digital Cinema Conference is free and open to the public

Sponsors: ALWAYSi, MIT's Program in Comparative Media Studies and the MIT
Communications Forum.

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