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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ operation provide komfort _- sexual reproduktion patented

           \\/\ operation provide komfort

                242.prologue :  2 days of ultramarine sea waves have most therapeutik been.
                                which is good - for the mbox rife is - with furiously bounssing krikets.

  humanz operat 2x-3x be!ond `uze b!` date
  humanz c!rcad!an klok = 25.5 h

  1 BODY : 1 STANDARD LIFE TIME : 1 NN : 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 1+1=1 : `+` =_?

  measuring life heartbeat by heartbeat. 
  01 mouse that lives 2 years + has 01 fast beat
  experiences the same life time as 01 whale 
  that lives 80 years + has 01 slou beat.

  = 01 nr ov ultra interessant papers 4rom 01 .nz univ
  concerning the emergence of consciousness +?

  letz re:ad

>Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 17:48:08 -0400
>From: Nick Longo <>
>Subject: [max-msp] re: Diss is a small Norfolk town
>Re: Diss is a small Norfolk town
>This is interesting.  

>Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 15:14:07 -0400
>From: Nick Longo <>
>Subject: [max-msp] re: Diss is a small Norfolk town
>Re: Diss is a small Norfolk town
>Now this is really interesting to me, 

Your interests are of scientific interest to me.

>because after World War II,
>a number of real life Nazis escaped to Argentina where they 
>developed ties to the Argentine military and upper classes.  
>So if nn's (antiorp's) family really are super-rich Argentinians,
>there's actually a pretty good chance they've known some real
>life Nazis.  

There must in that case be a pretty good chance YOU - a real life cuckoo
have participated in the world war 2nd - and have
layed your eggs in some real life Nazi nests.

01 foto gazez at NN.

"Scientists follow their probability instincts as their hominid forefathers followed theirs.
 Scientists just know more math"

NN gazez at 01 foto.

                        - you aren't me, right +?
                        - actually, i am from the future.
                        - that's brilliant.
                        - anticipated the explosive growth of _mass communication           
                          and regarded the biosphere as an intelligent organism.
                        - much like nasa scientist j.lovelock da +?
                        - da + da. gaia.
                        - he was entitled by his parents pierre teilhard de chardin.
                          as with galileo his work was suppressed by the rcc.
                        - his 2nd martyrdom was at the hands of the scientific orthodoxy.
                        - brilliant.
                        - development of a collective conscious caring world wide mind.
                        - sch.
                        - sch.
                        - sch.
                        - sch.
                        - s t o p
                        - tachycardia

>The point is, 

There is no true "noise" or "static".  
There are only as yet undifferentiated and uncomprehended frequency and magnitude orders.  
Ignorance is a condition of the brain's only sense-harvested
and stored information as yet unenlightenedly reviewed and
comprehendingly processed by the order-seeking and finding-mind.

>where I come from,

>we haul Nazis into court and 
>seize their assets.  

By claiming to speak in the name of all world Jewry, by appropriating
the common memory of Jewry as their own, by proclaiming
themselves to be representatives of all Jewish victims of the past, ......
No one, ..... has the monopoly of the Nazi genocide against
the Jews.  

cuckoo. cuckoo. cuckoo. cuckoo. cuckoo. cuckoo. cuckoo.

It's 7 AM TODAY. Do not forget your brainweb!

>where I come from, we 

                     nn  -   I - WE. 
       real life cuckoo  -   I need to feel stronger.
                     nn  -   More black capsules +?
       real life cuckoo  -   [nods]
                     nn  -   How do you feel now ?
       real life cuckoo  -   [nods]
                     nn  -   How do you feel now ?
       real life eureka  -   [odns] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I - WE = mob action. fascism = 01 mass movement.

>we haul 

NN opinie =  where YOU come from - THE PHAT LAND
                                   WE haul `I` into work camps +
                                   desensitizing lagare.

                                   your  "we haul"  aktivitate does not greatly differ
                                   from world war 2nd

>having a patent pending.  

the patent is on NN +? ie. have patented sexual reproduktion +?

>I'd be interested to have a look
>at this patent when it issues.  You do know it's fraudulent
>to claim patent pending status when there's no patent pending
>don't you nn?  Well that doesn't matter.  The important question
>is, how big is that trust fund of yours anyway?

as the communists say - comrade lovers for your health's sake _____...


nn twirls into dostoevsky + breathes inwards. gently. lovingly. sch



tous les matins du monde.

>So my question to you 

"important" NN question to YOU - real life - is:  For NATO.0+55 +? 

What a wonderful idea + very.   NN - NATO shall be patented! YES PL EASE!!!

Must entitle it :  142x - HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE

>if I were running cycling74

Do you think - you are running cycling74 +?  [scientific interest]

>I mean, to put it bluntly anybody who pays $600 for a collection of
>Photoshop filters for Quicktime is either ignorant, stupid or brain

As Autechre become the Jews in YOUR own scheme of uninformed cuckoo things
NN recalls 01 1st memory of love. We sat - the earth beneath us.
01 summer sun warming from above both us + garden.

                        - how life's little dramas play out depends on how you set the stage.
                          it then rotated the garden so that i entered into it and it into me
                        - what do you see +?
                        - the way the world calculates - i answered

                          its stories caressed me. so that it may be immortal and that i may love - 
                          that door that makes any place inviting. i shall not let you close it.

NN is ultra fond of fact every one operating NN data is healthy,
competitive, successful + educated.

Statistics further indicate :  NATO.0+55 operators are healthier,
more competitive, more educated + more successful than the avg MAX USER.

IRCAM - whom I suspekt you are acquainted with has not been accounted for.
They license MAX to Cycling74 and they ...

The NATO.0+55 cost per objekt is lower than that of MAX [irrespective of
fact several Cycling74 max objekts have been programmed via tax payers' money
and Cycling74 regularly  "we haul" away MAX USERS' star works FREE]

The NATO.0+55 cost per objekt is lower than that of MSP.

This does not into consideration take - fact NN is simply SUPERIOR
in all aspekts pertinent to 01 elegant routine, that NN data is given life lovingly 
rather than via  "we haul"  slave labor, and that NATO.0+55 is not licensed 
from IRCAM or persons of simply SUPERIOR intellect to Cycling74.

It does not take into consideration that NN efforts are being sabotaged..
by "we haul"

NN has always appealed to + nurtured the simply SUPERIOR + beautiful.
She likes that.

Shall continue so to do. driven by 01 desire is the desire for simply 
SUPERIOR embraces + digital embraces.
Ex.pensive + Ex.quisite.

I cannot be bothered with the illiterate \ slavish \ unsanitary  "we haul" mob.

><On the subject of trust funds nn, where did your parents get all that 
><money anyway? I seem to remember Richard Zvonar says you're from

NN suspects YOU. are in need of GOOD NIGHT stories or more black capsules.
Select as prescribed.

NN - jeder augenblick der zukunft ist ein gedanke an vohrer 
     weil wir alle kraft vergaben. alle gegen alle.
     kapitulieren verden wir nicht.  ++ \ agitazie 4 01 real life cuckoo

-       1 x . w h i t e . t a b l e . k l o t h .

        maedchen in uniform. retreating in your direction - fr!endl!

        comme ca -




                                  it is - 1 life - 2 grow




                                  stress - does not - swim




 Netochka Nezvanova  -  Ex.pressing. your interior world. Lift 2 Ex.perienss.  
 f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST - if see something so wonderful it hurts - i rent it.
                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >


  -not imitate! mutate! [lekker +? da + ultra da]

`know` this.
it does not greatly bother that you do not `know`.
it does however enervate that you do not `know` that you do not `know`
nor to `know` do you wish that you do not `know`.

                     -  nor to `know` do you wish that you know not - what +? 
                     -  " huh?!?! "
                     -  [banana +?] that you wish to `know` not.

more elegantly stated for those do `know`

your vulgarity has never dissuaded me.
it is an indication of kontempt for the
fatality of life and the visible signs


the invisible

+ misterious enkounters

in divisible

ultra lekker + phosphorescent 

d                  d          d         
  r                  r      r           
    e                  e  e             
      a                 aa              
        m s . u u . s m    m s          
        m s . u u . s m    m s          
      a                 aa     d        
    e                  e  e      r      
  r                  r      r      e    
d                  d         d. u u a s
d                  d         d. u u . m      
  r                  r       r        m
    e                  e  e          a  
      a                 aa         e    
        m s . u u . s m    m s   r      
        m s . u u . s m    m s d        
      a                 aa     d        
    e                  e  e      r      
  r                  r      r      e    
d                  d          d. u u a s
                               . u u . m

nn. theatr!kl geztur + tranzf!n!t zttz.

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     

 Netochka Nezvanova   - bodies made for souls. you never actually own one - you just take care of it

                                        4  dze  n e k s t  generazie.  da + da. 
                           01 4rm ov lv+ at 01 d!stansz. 

                                                               tous les matins du monde.  01 zelebrazie

                                                    ov - lf+

                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t^P      
                                                        |       >

                 we are water - du bist terra - we inundate. 

                                                                you like it. do you not.


The human brain has approx 50 billion neurons [a number that could be 20 times higher
if glial cells which account for nine tenths of its cells partake in information transfer] 
with a million billion synapses and an overall firing rate of 10 million billion times per second. 

In order to achieve the billions of cells comprising the mature brain 2.5 million neurons
are generated per minute during prenatal life. For adults between the ages of 20 and 70
fifty thousand neurons die each day, a rate of attrition that could seriously
impair any other 'organized' structure in the known universe [other than the universe]

The neurons aren't fused together -- rather they are separated by a junction, the synapse
[a Greek term meaning contact or point of juncture]. The neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal referred
to them as "protoplasmic kisses which seem to constitute the final ecstasy of an epic love story".
the ethereal kiss which involves no contact.

The brain's activity may be described as the sum total of all neurons _acting in the aggregate.

At each step an organism attempts to consume.
What organisms do to help themselves survive
affects the environment in ways that aren't
the reasons those survival skills were favored by evolution.

Coordination is the logical resultat of egocentric comportment,
competition and sexual selection. Sacrifices for a common good
or local initiatives with only long term rewards do not come 
into play.

Leroy Hood, who has 'led' the team that invented the automated gene sequencer 
that helped lay the foundations for the Human Genome Project, has said, 

"Biology is an information science.... The future will be the study of the genes 
and proteins of organisms in the context of their informational pathways or network" 

Plato commented, "The lowest of form of thinking is the bare recognition of the object.
The highest is the comprehensive intuition of a person who sees all things
as part of a system"

Picasso complemented, "With me, a picture is a sum of destructions. I make the picture
and proceed to destroy it. But in the end nothing is lost--the red I have removed from
one part shows up in another"

In natural scenes objects are rarely seen in isolation. 
[m9ndfukc.macht.reflektz!on - m9ndfukc - a term now encountered in academic publications] 
They are seen against a background [object], next to or partially occluded by objects.

The process by which chromosomes condense and segregate during nuclear division--mitosis
can be likened to a symphony in which many instruments working individually are coordinated 
to produce a collective piece of elegance and beauty.

We are students of memory and our neuro biologies are complementary
Your survival depends on me. My sustainability is appropriated to you.
Our encounters are the guide posts and we begin to know what to observe
and where to act.

Body without borders.

           *     *
         *   o+o   *       nn. 0+1 kosmos planeta. retreating in your direkzie. _-
              o                                                              simply.SUPERIOR+ 
           *     *

           o     o
         o   o+o   o       nn. 0+1 kosmos planeta. retreating in your direkzie. _-
              o                                                              simply.SUPERIOR+ 
           o     o

                                                I LIED> 
                        I LIED. I AM THE SMALLEST FULLERENE.

                        i am a sphere with 12 pentagons distributed across my surface.
                        which are you +?

                                                      |  +----------   
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >

                                                                maedchen !n un!form _ordnung \+\ d!sz!pl!n
                                                                maedchen !n un!form _ordnung \+\ d!sz!pl!n
                                                                maedchen !n un!form _ordnung \+\ d!sz!pl!n
                                                                maedchen !n un!form _ordnung \+\ d!sz!pl!n


         / | \   - || zve!te[z]!stem ::  m 9 n d f u k c . c o m       
         \ | /

         /  /
- || zve!te[z]!stem ::  m 9 n d f u k c . c o m 
         \   /

         |   |   - || zve!te[z]!stem ::  m 9 n d f u k c . c o m       

        |9|   - || zve!te[z]!stem ::  m 9 n d f u k c . c o m       

         /  /
- || zve!te[z]!stem ::  m 9 n d f u k c . c o m 
         \   /

         |   |   - || zve!te[z]!stem ::  m 9 n d f u k c . c o m       


lets breath. adore.

A reminder about the previously announced workshop with
Catherine Fitzmaurice and her Associates, introducing
her work with breath and voice to actors, directors, movement
specialists, as well as teachers of acting, speaking and singing,
and speech pathologists and all interested in the human voice
and person-to-person communication.

We still have a few spaces available!

We will meet for five full days, 9.30 am - 5.30 pm, 
Saturday December 16 through Wednesday December 20 
in mid-town Manhattan.

The work uniquely combines spontaneity and technique, 
and is being enthusiastically received by students at
Yale School of Drama, Harvard's Institute for Advanced
Theatre Training, and many other national and international
establishments, and is the main vocal component of training
at The Actors Center in New York City.  Trainers from Yale and
Harvard will be co-teaching with Catherine.

The work requires your physical participation: it cannot be
learned from a book.  To incorporate the deep body learning
that Catherine's work evokes we are intentionally making it
widely available in workshops.  For those interested in experiencing
this innovative and integrative method, which can be adapted and
combined with any other systems of vocal or physical training,
and who may wish to pursue the work further, participation in a
five-day workshop or some personal training with Catherine or any
of the teachers of her method (many of whom you will meet during
this workshop) is a prerequisite for the Certification Program
scheduled for June 2002.

We invite you to explore the dimensions of your own voice and 
learn how you may pass this work on to others.

For information and to apply please contact:

(212) 971-4714 - voicemail

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