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From: Jean-François Vézina <>


    I am writing a book called "The Soul Attractors: Synchronicity in the field of relationship" and i search some contacts for publishing it in english. The book will be released in French in Automn 2001 by "Les Editions de l'homme", the biggest Editor In Quebec. The book is about the exploration of the timings of the persons  that entire in our lifes and perturbate us. I am interested also to the bounderies of relations, because the synchronicity happen in the boundries of our lives. I observed that in the begining and the end of relationshipe there is a lot of synchronicity.

    Also, i am interested by the symbolicals aspects of a person in our lives. The main idea is the persons that perturbates us the most, are not thes persons that we live with. Theses "catalytic" persons opens doors but they don't cross it with us. Like Freud entire in the life of Jung at a very critical moment and contribute to the "chaotic" experience of Jung, the periods of Nekiya who was the most creative periods of Jung.

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