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[Nettime-bold] Will a Bush victory start the revolution?

> From: "Benjamin Geer" <benjamin.geer@btinternet.com>

> Actually, I think that a Bush presidency would be one of the best
> things that could happen to Nader.  A Bush administration would no
> doubt strengthen dissent in the U.S., increasing the appeal of the
> Green party.

The way Reagan's election (twice) and Bush Sr.'s election strengthened
dissent in the U.S.?

This kind of apocalyptic brinksmanship is really dangerous.  I
remember when a leftoid friend of mine got arrested in an
anti-apartheid demonstration in the '80s.  It may have been false
bravado, but he raved that he hoped he got "a real fascist judge"
hearing his case, because that would demonstrate the true nature of
the U.S. system of justice, or whatever.  Yeah, that'll show 'em, I
said: some 45-year-old unemployed marxist thrown in jail for a year
and fined $20,000 for vandalism.  A huge victory for you, and just the
thing that'll get the masses pouring out onto the barricades.

[For the record, I don't see any fundamental difference between Bush
and Gore.  Nader will never win (if he could, they'd change the
rules), and I'm not sure that it would make any difference if he did.]


Dave Mandl

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