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[Nettime-bold] Nader and US election processes

I'm not American but I've been watching the Nader v the rest debate with
interest because here in Australia there is very little difference between
the major right and left parties (no offence to anyone who disagrees).
Nader seems to offer a real alternative and something to end the stalemate
of voting for the lesser of two evils.

What really amazes me about the whole thing though, is the vehement
disagreement among the left over whether it is worthwhile to vote Nader or
whether that will just ensure a conservative victory. I don't profess to
understand the US voting system, but don't you have preferences? Isn't it
possible to vote 1 Nader, 2 Gore, so that in the instance that Nader isn't
successful his preferences will still flow to Gore rather than Bush? I'd
really love someone to explain the system to me, because the debate so far
seems excessively divisive.

Thanks, Sky
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