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[Nettime-bold] New Winners page for the Genius 2000 Conference 2000

Check it out at http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/Winners.html

Thanks to everybody who joined in the chaos.  I think it was a very good 

The follow-up archive is going to consist simply of the conference open list, 
at Genius2000Conference2000@egroups.com
I took the liberty of subscribing a great many journalists and public 
figures, so if you join now they may get your posts before they get a chance 
to unsub themselves.  URL's sent to the list will be added to the Conference 
followup archive after it gets built.  

I also encourage everyone to email the judges from their judge pages.  Don't 
harrass them though.  

Also, Conference Commemorative art will be onsale at ebay starting Nov. 1.  
Proceeds will go toward PR for the Network and the Conference, the funding of 
a national tour by Max Herman to discuss the Conference and Network, and the 
funding of a new online University to be founded by various persons.  

Best wishes to everyone everywhere,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Ebay Online Soon


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