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[Nettime-bold] International Women's Rights petition

Hi- this is a petition to the UN in support of fair treatment of
women in Zimbabwe.  In celebration of the Women's March 2000, I would
encourage you to sign the petition and send it on.

This is something that we as people of the world and essentially as
 human  beings need to support - again, I don't know if this is going to help
 but  just take 3 minutes out of you life to do your part. Zimbabwean women
are suffering the most dreadful conditions, some are raped from the tender
age of 6 months old as well as the very elderly, beaten or hacked to death,
burned alive, deprived of their families, frequently
 infected with Aids by their husbands who refuse to wear condoms, having
 to look after Aids victims because there is no-one else to do so.  These
women are rarely given the chance to decent education and most cannot afford
 the basic necessities of life, consequently are forced on the streets
 sometimes to survive in the world's oldest profession...
In Zimbabwean traditional societies, husbands and relatives have such
power over their women relatives, especially their wives, many widows have
had to face the double tragedy of being homeless as well as near starvation,
as the husband's relatives still have the right to the man's property.
Everyone has a right to a tolerable human existence.
 Women in the third world African country are no exception.
If the superpowers can threaten military force in Kosovo in the name of
human rights for the sake of ethnic Albanians, citizens of the world can
express peaceful outrage at  the oppression, murder and injustice committed
women in Zimbabwe.

STATEMENT: In signing this , we agree that the current treatment of
women in Zimbabwe is completely UNACCEPTABLE and deserves action by
the United Nations and that the current situation overseas will not be
Women's Rights is not a small issue anywhere, and it is UNACCEPTABLE
 for women in 2000 to be treated as sub-human and as so much property.
Equality and human decency is a RIGHT not a freedom, whether one lives
 in Zimbabwe, Afghanistan or in YOUR COMMUNITY!

PLEASE COPY this email on to a
new message, sign the bottom and forward it to everyone on your
distribution lists.  If you receive this list with more than 300 names on
it, please
e-mail a copy of it to:

Even if you decide not to sign, please be considerate and do not kill
the petition.
Thank you!

1.      Silvana Carboniero, Harare, Zimbabwe

2.      Trudy Stevenson, Harare, Zimbabwe
3.      Tanya Pitcher, Harare, Zimbabwe
4.      Jo Hensman, Harare, Zimbabwe
5.      Margie Watson, Harare, Zimbabwe
6.      Kevin Tinker, Havelock North, N. Zealand
7.      Colleen Walcott, Durban, South Africa
8.      Pat Bronner, Durban, South Africa
9.      Pam Graves, Midrand, South Africa
10.     Cathy Mcinnes, South Africa
11.     Su Chinneck, South Africa
12.     Charmaine Moreira, South Africa
13.     Nicolene Wohrle, Jhb, South Africa
14.     Lynn Austin, Jhb, South Africa
15.     Claire Fowle, Cape Town, South Africa

16.     Megan Wasson,  Cape Town, South Africa
17.     Tania Louw, Cape Town, South Africa
18.     Janice Abernathy, Cape Town, South Africa
19.     Clare Barker, London, England
20.     Diana Wylie, Grahamstown, South Africa
21.     Natasha Taylor, Johannesburg, South Africa
22.     Nicola Francis, Grahamstown, South Africa
23.     Sarah Lantry, Dublin, Ireland
24.     Colin Fleming, Dublin, Ireland
25.     Anita Murray, Dublin, Ireland
26.     Laura O'Kane, Derry, N Ireland
27.     Deirdre Colreavy, Leitrim, Ireland
28.     Stephen McElhinney, Dublin, Ireland
29.     Sharan Lloyd, Dublin, Ireland
30.     Liz Irwin, Dublin, Ireland
31.     Joanne Wilson, Omagh, N Ireland
32.     Rahul Srinivasan, Bangalore, India
33.     Fatima Nanji, Nairobi, Kenya
34.     Jay Kantaria, London, England
35.     Magdalene Lagu, London, United Kingdom
36.     Tamara Thomas, Mauritius
37.     Natalie Thomas, Toronto, Canada
38.     Stefano Fontanesi, Italy, Mauritius
39.     Luc Dernaucourt, France/Moscow
40.     Kevin Lee, Mauritius
41.     Stephani Li, Mauritius
42.     Lorianne Langevin, Mauritius
43.     Palashtra Boyjoo, Mauritius
44.     Francoise Veriere, Canada
45.     Natalie Deschatelets, Ottawa, Canada
46.     Amelie Rivet, Ottawa, Canada
47.     Tasneem Bendaoud, Ottawa, Canada
48.     Safya Lasfar, Gatineau, Canada
49.     Layla Lasfar, Virginia, USA
50.     Shirin Mautbur, Ottawa, Canada
51.     Mona Rahman, Kingston, Canada
52.     saFa's raHman, Kingston, Canada
53.     Michelle Dodek, Calgary, Canada
54.     Gail Gumprich, Vancouver, Canada
55.     Haseeb Rizvi, Saskatoon, Canada
56.     Zehra Rizvi, Saskatoon, Canada
57.     Anne Mazimhaka, London, UK
58.     Safwan Javed, Saskatoon, Canada
59.     Sonny Magon, Kaousiumg, Taiwan
60.     Harminder Magon, Ottawa, Canada
61.     Dorothy Campbell, Lillooet, Canada
62.     Susan Beland, Lillooet, Canada
63.     Faith Matchette, New Westminster, Canada
64.     Lori Cairns, New Westminster, Canada
65.      Suze Kilgour, Vancouver, Canada
66. Jayce Salloum, Vancouver, Canada
67. Molly Hankwitz, Brisbane, Australia


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