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hallo there

someone out in the ether who is manically working in the land of
breaking video. having peeked over the shoulders of others with nato and
smiled jumped for joy twirled around at this wonderful wonderful
opportunity. ...

i think this software is
amazing. i think you are amazing for making this a reality. 
i want to push past what i can do with my adobe schlock. 
i have done plenty of messing about with homemade switchers, a silly copy of xpose,
flickering and dying monitors - now it is time to mix this with the 
beauty and videobreakability of nato. thanks for your time out there.

plz eksusz dela! = uaz !n .!t      

>could you explain to me the functionality of a multi-user license ?

! belou.

>As I would like to share my experiences with my little brother
>who lives one door next to mine.
>We are connected through audio, ethernet and our mother 

du = mozt ultra lekker.

>We are two artists conceiving presently a collaborative project supposed to
>work with nato. It involves 
The project has no institutional funding or sponsoring. 
>So, .........

nn beg!n!ng 2 feel az 01 konglomerat. vra!mnt.
she readz.

!f l!ke objktz = lokatd near 01 odr !n 01 .b!o velt 
humanz tend 2 group dzm zusamn. 

d!sz l!fe.z .5 u!ndouz ov dze zoul
d!ztortz dze heavnz 4rom pole 2 pole
+ leadz 01 2 konzum 01 l!e
uen 01 zeez u!th. + not through. dze e!e


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