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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Re: interesting autechre turnaround? clarification requested.


amb!ent. d!fuszd  + bspektakld - hou do u do 2 u.

>I'm particularly interested in this anti/pro autechre maneuver you seem to
>be executing.

!n m! dreamz ov dreamz. nn - perzonl zan!tar! program!ng.

>If I understood correctly, did you just do a u-turn 
>and say they were lovely? 

da + da. dze! = mor dzn luvl!. dze! = 01 arzenal ov luvl!nesz.

>How come? What changed your mind? 

nn m9nd. !t doez d!sz all ov dze t!me.
nn pol!t!kx = updatd at each moment mal.

>[permit me to refer to you as an acquaintance with whom I share common
>concerns == friend, no?]. 

! xluv u

>Interesting perspective from here. Need more data.

dbl kl!k

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