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[Nettime-bold] DEAF_00: Symposium - Machine Times, 17-18 Nov 2000, Rotterdam


Dates: Friday  November 17 - Saturday November 18, 2000

Time: 12.00 -  18.00

Location: Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133, 3014 PM  Rotterdam

Information: DEAF_00 c/o V2_Organisation, Eendrachtsstraat 10,  3012
XL, Rotterdam, phone: +31-(0)10-206.7275, fax:  +31-(0)10-206.7271

The DEAF_00 Symposium brings together an  international group of
scientists, theorists, artists and sociologists who  present and discuss
their approaches to the phenomenon of time in an  interdisciplinary field
of art, performance, music, technology and  society.

Machine Times takes a close look at the role that time plays in  the
constitution of our technological reality.

Time was, for a long time,  regarded as objective and continuous. More
recently it has become clear that  time is built into natural and
technological processes at different 'speeds.'  Time is produced by
machinic processes and it is malleable through the  interaction of
machines. The experience of time is a technological concept.  Machine Times
investigates the way in which time is built into technological and  social
systems, and presents artistic approaches to the manipulation, distortion
and elimination of time.


FRIDAY November  17:

- Atau Tanaka (sound artist, J)

- Kodwo Eshun (pop music  critic, GB)

- Nils Abramson (holographist, S)

- Peter Weibel  (artist and theoretician, A)

SATURDAY November 18:

- AE (Gisèle Trudel/Stéphane Claude): S8P antennas, transmissions (video
and sound performance, CDN)

- Douwe Draaisma (psychologist,  NL)

- Eugene Thacker (theoretician of science, USA)

- Robert  Levine (anthropologist, USA)


- Birgit Richard  (cultural scientist, D)

- Timothy Druckrey (cultural theoretician,  USA)

Further information about the speakers is available at

As capacity is limited, please make sure you either buy your  ticket in
advance through our online ticketing system []  starting
October 25, or phone the DEAF_ticket hotline: +31 (0)10 277 22 82 at
Theater Lantaren/Venster.

Normal price: one day: fl.100,- ,  two days fl.150,-
Reduced price: one day: fl.60,- , two days: fl.100,- (CJP,  studentcard, 65+)

The book that comes with the festival includes  essays of the participants
of the symposium, plus extra interviews with  Francisco Varela
(neurologist), Detlef Linke (neurologist) and Mark Taylor  (theologist). It
also features the projects of the following artists: art+com,  Claudia
Kölgen, Atau Tanaka and Kasper Toeplitz, Gerald Van Der Kaap, Andrej
Ujica, Mari Soppela, Woody Vasulka, Perry Hoberman, Ana Giron, Eike, Martin
Reinhard and Virgil Widrich, Barsamian, John F. Simon jr., Marnix de Nijs,
Ikuo  Nakamura, Akitsugu Maebayashi, Ron Kuivila, Christian Kessler, Dieter

A complete schedule of the whole festival can be found on our  website:

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