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[Nettime-bold] ECHO, October 25th, 2000 (English)

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Subject:        	ECHO, October 25th, 2000 (English)

n.8 (2000-2001)
ECHO, October 25th, 2000 (English)

I- Discussion Forum:
- A little note from ConneXion
- The New Gallery - AFA changes
- Cqam - notice from CCA
- Important notice from CCA

II- Calls/Jobs:
- Western Front - Call for curatorial proposals
- "one stitch at a time"- Call for participation

III- Activities/events:
- StudioXX - Femmes Branchées
- Urban Shaman - David Hannan
- Emmedia - Scolarship Screening
- Images - Benefit Screening
- Sylvie Cotton - Tv Intervention
- Atelier Presse Papier - Gabriel Routhier

IV- Address notes

I/ Discussion Forum

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: "connex" <>
Subject: thank you

Thank you for the informative newsletter. Echo is connecting us to the
rest of the country by keeping us up  to date on so many issues that
pertain to artist run centres across the country, consequently being
relevant to our particular centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I always
look forward to your e-mails. Sincerely, Karen Ruet co co-ordinator,
Gallery ConneXion _____________________

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000
From: "The New Gallery" <>
To: "Echo E-List" <>
Subject: AFA  changes

Hello, Bonjour Everyone;
The Calgary visual arts community recently met with the Alberta Foundation
of the Arts' (AFA) representative to discuss the changes made to funding
for the arts in our province.  The changes are not good, to say the least,
and the meeting reflected our collective dismay over the direction the AFA
is taking.  The following is a letter we have sent out to our gallery's
members, galleries in our province and other concerned parties.  We would
be obliged to you if you could spread the word to others we may have
missed because we need all the support we can get.  For more information
on the AFA, the announced changes (Sept. 22 Press Release), as well as
their blueprint for change, their website is:
Please contact Tammy McGrath, The New Gallery's Programming Coordinator
with any questions you may have about our community's concerns.

Thank you very much,
Melody Jacobson
Resource Coordinator
The New Gallery, Calgary, AB

If the following is too long to resend to your e-list, please feel free to
edit. *** Please send letters to the AFA concerning the cuts to the Arts! 
You are welcome to use the letter below as a model.  There is an AFA board
meeting this Thursday (Oct. 26) , please, please, please write letters to
the AFA this week - the future of the arts in Alberta depends on your

If you have any questions please contact me.

Tammy McGrath
To:  John Osler, Chairman
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
901 Standard Life
10405 Jasper Avenue
 Edmonton, AB
T5J 4R7

CC:  Clive Padfield, Executive Director
        Alberta Foundation for the Arts;  Ross Bradley
        Arts Development Consultant
        Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Dear John Osler,

I am writing at this time to ask you, as the Chairman for the Alberta
Foundation of the Arts, how the AFA can justify implementing the Community
Derived Revenue formula for the visual art organizations across Alberta
when the AFA already knows that all but two of these organizations will
have their funding cut and/or completely eliminated over a 3 year period.
The Alberta Associatation of Art Galleries (AAAG)consulted with the AFA on
numerous occasions concerning the CDR formula.  Each time AAAG informed
the AFA that a direct result of the CDR formula would be the crippling of
artistic activity across the province.

As well, I am disturbed by the new focus the AFA is taking.  By supporting
youth programs and eliminating funding for adult education, the AFA is
advocating the deprofessionalization of the arts in favor of youth.  Youth
programs are the jurisdiction of the school board, and not the AFA.  The
emphasis of the AFA on youth programs will leave emerging, mid-career, and
established artists with a serious lack of support.

I understand that the AFA has not received more money for the visual arts
in over a decade.  Calgary artists will be lobbying the government for
more money for the arts effective immediately.  It is important for these
artists to be assured that the AFA will distribute its funds in a
responsible manner, and discontinue using the CDR formula.

As a supporter of the Arts in Alberta and across Canada, I am
philosophically opposed to the Community Derived Revenue formula.  The CDR
formula will be detrimental to individual artists and arts organizations
in Alberta and I am requesting that the AFA NOT implement this formula.

Tammy McGrath
Programming Coordinator
The NEW Gallery
Would you like to contact us?
The NEW Gallery, 516-D Ninth Ave. SW, Calgary, AB  T2P 1L4
P: 403-233-2399  F: 403-290-1714
E-Mail: / Web: ___________________

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000
From: CQAM <> (by way of oboro)


          Annual assistance to production organizations, Media Arts


David Poole, Head of the Media Arts Section has informed CQAM [Conseil
québécois des arts médiatiques] and IFVA [Independent Film and Video
Alliance] that the November 1st deadline for applications for annual
assistance to production organizations has been extended to November 20.
The Media Arts Section will be allotted an additional 1M$ but Heritage
Canada has not sent its memorandum concerning the distribution of moneys
within the section. However, it is possible that this additional sum will
be applied to annual assistance and equipment purchases. David Poole is
suggesting to all organizations intending to apply, that they think about
these possibilities and wait for the information concerning the
distribution of these additional funds.

David Poole also asks not to be inundated with calls. He will inform CQAM
and IFVA as soon as the exact allocation of funds will be known. (...)

Barbara Ulrich,CQAM

The Canada Council apologizes for the late date at which application forms
were released for the New Media Residencies component of the Grants to New
Media and Audio Artists program.

To ensure that applicants have enough time to put their proposals
together, the Canada Council will accept late materials which Host
Organizations are responsible to provide as long as they are postmarked no
later than December 1st, 2000.

This refers to the following materials requested in the application form:

Section B3 of the form.
Letter agreement from the host organization.
Profile of the host organization.
Description of materials and services to be provided by the host
organization. Name and resume of resource person to be provided by the
host organization. Statement of obligations (artist's and organization's).
Statement of ownership of artwork developed during the residency (if

Flexibility will be possible right up until December 1st, 1000. However,
it will be too late to process application materials received after this
date in a timely manner. Therefore, applications which are still
incomplete after December 1st will be considered ineligible and returned
to applicants unassessed. The Council apologizes for any inconveneiences
this may cause.

II/ Calls/Job

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: lise <>
Subject: Urgent -Droit de parole aux femmes du monde


Catherine Lejeune, a researcher for Radio Québec's television programme
"Droit de parole", is looking for French-speaking women from outside
Quebec to participate in a show called "Droit de parole aux femmes du
monde" (Women of the world take the floor).

If you or a woman you know would be interested in talking about personal
experiences (of power, politics, religion, culture shock, relations
between men and women, etc.) on television in French, please contact
Catherine Lejeune as soon as possible at 514-521-2424 #2616.

Lise Gagnon
Studio XX

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000
From: (Peter Courtemanche)
Subject: Western Front Performance: call for curatorial proposals

In Performance Art
The Western Front Society
October 4, 2000

The Western Front is looking for proposals from independent curators and
artist/curators for a guest curatorship in performance art and
inderdisciplinary practice. The project will take place in the fall of
2001 (September - November), and is intended to coincide with Vancouver's
performance art biennial (a city wide performance art festival, with
events scheduled for October 15 - November 30).

Proposals are expected to fit within a budget of $5000 which must include
all artist fees, curators fee, and production/presentation expenses. It is
likely that the Western Front can offer additional support of 1 airfare
and accomodation.

This project will have access to the facilities of the Western Front which
include: a large performance hall (with lights, sound system, video
projection, etc..) and a media (video/audio/new-media/web) production
studio. Technical support will be provided by in house technicians and

The Performance Art program at the Western Front has a long history of
supporting diverse programming. The organization defines Performance Art
and interdisciplinary practice in an inclusive rather than an exclusive
way. Proposals can take many forms, come from different traditions, and
make use of varying levels of technology and/or lack of technology.

The Western Front asks curators to consider the following options in terms
of their proposals: 1. a series of 3 solo performances by different
artists, spread over a period of 3 months. 2. a collaborative project
involving many artists in a single show with subsequent artist talks. 3.
the inclusion of workshops relating to both creation and presention.

Proposals should include a project description, C.V., and
slides/video/catalogues of previous work. Interested curators can contact
members of the performance art committee at the Western Front either by
phone or e-mail.

Contact: Jonathan Middleton (
or Peter Courtemanche (
Telephone: (604) 876-9343

The Western Front web site ( contains an archive of some
recent performances and other works presented by the organization.

The deadline for proposals is December 1, 2000.

Please send all materials to:
Performance Art Committe
The Western Front Society
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1S1

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: (devora)
Subject: "one stitch at a time" please post
An invitation to participate in a live-art project about home, trust and
personal storytelling.

Want a blanket crocheted just for you?
How about an embroidered table cloth?
Maybe a pair of booties for your cat?

You can become host to Devora Neumark as she embarks on her latest project
which seeks to explore the fabric of everyday life IN YOUR HOME.

You are cordially invited to a free information session and meeting with
the artist. Saturday November 4th, 2000 15:00 - 17:00

460, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, espace 511, Montreal QC, H3B 1A7

For further information please call (514) 398-9322.



Do you have a personal history with crochet, knitting, embroidery?
How has stitching been part of your life?
Do you have a favourite relative who once made you something special? Have
you taken up handwork to keep busy and pass the time? To help you get
through a particularly difficult time? To decorate your home or body? To
give as gifts?

Please send your story and photograph(s) of hand-made crocheted, knitted,
or embroidered objects to:

One Stitch at a Time / Devora Neumark
c/o SKOL
460, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, espace 511, Montréal, Québec H3B 1A7

If you would like your photographs returned, please include a stamped,
self-addressed envelop (or the equivalent in Canadian Funds) to cover
return postage.

Please note: No photographs will be returned without adequate postage.

Please also print out the following waiver, sign it and return it with
your story and photograph.

Email address

I hereby give Devora Neumark permission to reprint my story and photograph
(in whole or in part) within the website for the One Stitch at a Time
project <>

With the assistance of the Inter-Arts Office of the Canada Council for the
Arts, this project will be carried out over a two year period under the
auspices of "le commensaux", SKOL's programming cycle for the year
2000/20001 and FADO's "public spaces / private places".
==================================================== III/
Activities/Events ====================================================

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000
From: Patricia Kearns <>
Subject: STUDIO XX : Les Femmes br@nchées- October 27, 2000


Les Femmes br@nchées- October 27, 2000  5:30- 7:30


This monthís Les Femmes br@nchées  welcomes three women working with
cutting edge technologies. Here is your opportunity to find out about the
latest in wireless technologies, broadband, streaming video and some funky
online collaborations.

Kathy Kennedy is a founding member of Studio XX, a composer and community
artist. She is also the founding director of the women's choir Choeur Maha
in Montreal and her San Francisco sister, ESTHER. Her works range from
solo performances to large scale sonic choreographies which have been
performed at Place des Arts, the Vancouver New Public Library, and the
Lincoln Center Out-of-doors Series. She currently works as manager of
online support at Rocketnetwork Inc. and will be speaking about online
audio collaboration. She will also be performing at 8pm the same evening
at the Musee d'art contemporain in the Supermicmac festival, a unique
retrospective of innovative Canadian women sound artists.

Nancie Wight is  Executive Producer and Digital Diva at Airborne
Entertainment Technologies. After ten years in new technologies and
multimedia design, Nancie has given up rich media content and the luxury
of the big screen's 640*480 real estate and is now producing content for
the next big thing- the very tiny screen of the mobile phone! Welcome to
the world of the wireless internet, where you can browse the web on your
mobile phone, PDA or pocket pc. Just when you thought you had mastered all
those comes a whole lot more! WAP, WML,HDML, G3, PQA's.
And you thought a Blackberry was just another berry...

Reisa Levine, a long-time film/sound/video techie and projectionist around
town is currently responsible for the programming and transfer of films at
the NFB's CinéRobothèque in downtown Montreal. She is also the webmaster
and contact person for the CineRoute project, the NFBís high-speed digital
delivery pilot project. In recent years, Reisa has worked in testing and
developing Internet applications especially pertaining to educational
uses. Her initiatives with the CineRoute project have given her ample
opportunity to learn about and participate in broadband networking and
distribution of films via the high speed Internet. She has recently
attended two international conferences about streaming media, one in
Amsterdam and the other in Banff. Reisa will report on the state of
streaming video and inform us about the possibilities of getting
independent artistsí works on Canadian broadband network.

Price of admission $3.00 non-members; free for members

Studio XX,  338, Terrasse Saint-Denis Montréal   Québec   H2X 1E8
514 845 7934 /

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000
From: "Debra Prince" <>
Subject: Press Release- David Hannan

(204) 942-2674 VOICE
(204) 944-9577 FAX EMAIL WEBSITE

October 12, 2000

Urban Shaman Inc. is proud to present:
David Hannan
Cross fire
October 27 - November 25, 2000

In this collection of two-dimensional works emerging artist, David Hannan,
uses the encaustic process (an ancient Greek technique in which the artist
fuses hot wax with color that congeals quickly into crisp, separate brush
strokes) to produce haunting layered images that juxtapose historical
narratives with family photographs in an exploration of his Metis

Cross fire deals with a hybrid identity negotiated between various
experiences in the arena of personal and cultural memory.

Opening Reception: Friday, October 27, 2000, 7 p.m.
Artist Talk: Friday, October 27, 2000, 7:30 p.m.
Workshop: Saturday, October 28, 11 - 4 p.m.

David will conduct a workshop on photo-transfer. The workshop is free to
members and $10.00 for non-members. Supplies will be provided by the

Refreshments will be served and admission is always free.

For more information, please contact Leanne L'Hirondelle at 942-2674

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000
From: images <>
Subject: Benefit Screening Nov. 6


PRE-SCREENING RECEPTION, 5:30 PM at Prego della Piazza (150 Bloor St. W.)
Director Gary Burns will be in attendance. Tickets: $10. For more
information call (416) 971-8405. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The Images Festival of Independent Film & Video (April 12-21, 2001) is
kickstarting its 14th year with a special screening of Gary Burns'
award-winning new film, waydowntown. From the director of Kitchen Party
and The Suburbanators comes this wry and darkly comic film set in the
claustrophobic maze of corporate offices and interconnecting pathways of
downtown Calgary. Shot in digital video and 35mm, waydowntown follows an
afternoon in the lives of four young office workers who have bet a month's
salary on who can stay indoors the longest. It is day 24 of the wager and
events take a decidedly surreal turn. The cast includes Don McKellar as
office drone Brad, a 20 year veteran of the firm who contemplates jumping
out a window, and Fabrizio Filippo as Tom, whose participation in the
wager pushes him to a crisis of conscience, not to mention superhero

waydowntown recently won the Toronto-City Award for Best Canadian Feature
Film at the Toronto International Film Festival (cited for its "wry
examination of contemporary life, risk-taking, and strong performances, as
well as its rich sense of humanity") and the Federal Express Award for
Most Popular Canadian Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Director Gary Burns will be in attendance at the screening. This is a
great chance to see an exciting new indie film, meet the filmmaker, and
support The Images Festival of Independent Film & Video. Join us for
pre-screening cocktails at 5:30 pm at Prego della Piazza (150 Bloor St.
W., just around the corner from the cinema). A complimentary glass of wine
is included with ticket purchase - please present your ticket at the door.

When: Monday November 6 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Alliance Atlantis Cumberland Cinemas (159 Cumberland Ave. Toronto)
Pre-screening cocktails: 5:30 pm. Prego della Piazza, 150 Bloor St. W.
Tickets: $10

Tickets are available at the door or in advance from Pages Bookstore (256
Queen St. W.) or the Images Festival (401 Richmond St. W. at Spadina,
Suite #448). All proceeds to benefit The Images Festival of Independent
Film and Video. ************************* The Images Festival is supported
by the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts
Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. The Images Festival
gratefully acknowledges the support of Odeon Films and Prego della Piazza
in presenting this event. ************************* To be removed from
this mailing list, send a reply message with REMOVE in the subject

The 14th Annual Images Festival of Independent Film & Video
April 12 - 21, 2001
401 Richmond St. W. Suite 448, Toronto, ON Canada M5V 3A8
T 416.971.8405  F 416.971.7412

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000
From: emmedia <>
Subject: Scholarship Screening

EMMEDIA is pleased to present:
The Scholarship Screening

October 20th, 2000 - 7:00 PM
At EMMEDIA - The Screening Room - Free
#203, 351 - 11th Avenue, SW Calgary

This year's Scholarship and Bars 'n Tones recipients are an exciting and
ambitious group and they have been dedicated to producing yet another
lineup of amazing work. The screening will include the following works -
See you Friday!

Domestic BlissText
A series of  four video-poems.
5 minutes

Spoon Envy
A short video inspired by German and Soviet films of the 1930's. Based on
a poem, the spoons are an allegory for a psychological struggle
reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart". 7 minutes

Breasts!!!  What about them?
This documentary style video shows a vignette of comments by women about
breasts.  What do women have to say?  Stay tuned to find out. 17 min

Distance, and a Return Home
A look at nostalgia for a far away home, as seen by a rememberer.
5 minutes

Ritual - Karmic Seed
Are we made slaves through our desires? Implacable, unrestrained and
limitless there is nothing outside of their covetous eye. And we are
taught we are helpless in their grasp. Find religion, dry asceticism or
just give in and wallow, in the two extremes there is no escape.

Karmic Seed, a series of vignettes, explores the possibility of release
through the middle way. Neither ascetic nor hedonist, it seeks the divine
by turning the ordinary into Ritual. 40 minutes
(...) EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society #203, 351 - 11 Ave. SW.
CALGARY, ALBERTA T2R 0C7 CANADA PHONE: 403.263.2833 FAX: 403.232-8372


Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: Sylvie Cotton <>
Subject: Projet d'infiltration télévisuelle

Sylvie Cotton
Octobre 21 - November 4, 2000

It is in your living-room that Sylvie Cotton comes for her first
contribution to Les commensaux. She has chosen to infiltrate the TV
network by broadcasting a short animation between ads. The image is
simple: a happy face appears and then slowly transforms itself. The
American icon chosen by the artist, her minimal, even low tech
intervention, the sound break that attracks attention and the visual
challenge are some of many strategies that Cotton uses to imitate
advertising. Although the ad may leave the viewer confused about the
nature of the product', the artist's message is quite clear: it's the
signature of apparent happiness, of mandatory positivisism that Sylvie
Cotton questions with the alteration of the happy face. The broadcast of
this message on many occasions is in itself the result of intensive
negociation with numerous TV network people. Cotton's intervention will
also be visible on loop at SKOL, during the entire time period.
Multidisciplinary artist, Sylvie Cotton aims to transform the
dissemination of art by taking it outside of the usual exhibition spaces.
Her work has been presented throughout Quebec, in numerous exhibitions,
performances and residencies. The artist wishes to thank the Inter-Arts
Program of the Canada Council for the Arts for its financial support, as
well as Joëlle Riopel for her infography work. *l horaire de diffusion à
Télé-Québec samedi 21 octobre à 22h30 Décalogue samedi 21 octobre à 23h00
cinéma Hors circuit dimanche 22 octobre à 14h00 Chasseurs d'idées dimanche
22 octobre à 21h30 L'oeil ouvert mercredi 25 octobre à 11h30 L'effet
Dussault mercredi 25 octobre à 15h00 Chasseurs d'idées mercredi 25 octobre
à 22h30 L'effet Dussault jeudi 26 octobre à 21h00 J'aime samedi 28 octobre
à 15h00 J'aime dimanche 29 octobre à 14h00 Chasseurs d'idées dimanche 29
octobre à 21h30 L'oeil ouvert mercredi 1er novembre à 15h00 Chasseurs
d'idées mercredi 1er novembre à 22h30 L'effet Dussault jeudi 2 novembre à
21h00 J'aime samedi 4 novembre à 15h00 J'aime _________________

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
Subject: Exposition de Gabriel Routhier
From: "Atelier Presse Papier" <>



Artist:    Gabriel Routhier
Title of exhibition:  Les Carnets
Dates:   October 27 to Novembre 19, 2000