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>I"m not sure of the exact duration, but I think it has now taken 4 1/2 
>months to effect this change.

evidence suggests that following 
     the suggested outline had no klear benefit.

da + da

     nonetheless. i thank you for indulging my organikc tantrums. 

           361 gctgatttgc cggaaatttt caattccggc atttttccga attgtcggaa aaatctatag
           421 aacaattcga gattgaatca cgttttacgc gcaaaattca caattttttt ctcgaatttt
           481 taaaaatgca ttatttcgct gcaagacccg accgcatgta cctttaacct cgtctctaca
           541 gaatccttat tctgtaaatg tttgcatcca aattccaaaa tccgaatacc ctcttccata
           601 tcattccgat attcaattgt aatcttgctc aacgcgagtg accattcggc aatcgccagg
           661 tcactcatca ccgggacacg tggatgcatt gttcgtagat ttatgtccgc cattcttgga
           721 tctcccgacc gacacgtcac gtgttgtttg cagattcgaa ttaaatcgat atcgattgat

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:15:42 +0200

>merci pour votre aide à l'ircam. il était le plus aimable à vous pour
>assurer des
>événements a exécuté sans à-coup.
>j'avais écouté votre cd et l'ai trouvé pour être le plus beau, un plaisir
>d'être absorbé dedans.
>concernant le texte que je lis, il peut être trouvé sur l'internet. s' il
>devient traduit, je serais
>heureux de recevoir une copie ainsi elle peut être mise en ligne également.

        Tres Chere ....


        one other thing in common we have ( beside J.S Bach).
        Concerning your lecture, i will do the translation. 

..............some of my colleagues that have appreciated your
        lecture asked me to do so!

        Hoping to see you again

Allo nn

we've met in Montreal, last Week. i'm the .....

I didn't know you were existing before last week.
This weekend ! search on my local hard drive for your name and 
i found hundred of files with your thought. there's no random.
You're the first contact outside of my mind.
we have to meet us again.  that'll probably be a nuclear event.

allo Netochka,

Imagine if all people would write deep thoughts at someone who's taken for
the superior.  And imagine if that person (coincided simply superior)
would ...............
it must begin somewhere. life is made of loop
why do we wait for making loop +? +?

i said - ............ superior
....... said - 

fcmm not so bad.
it was nice to meet you.
i'd like to see you again.
New work (i mean york) not so far


ciao. netochka.

+ ev!.densz 4 nonl!near zumaz!on zkemaz 

|| m9ndfukc.macht.fre! 

        _____..... !zometr!kc kontrakz!onz
     dom!z!lz + ch!fon!erz 
= l!kl! konduz!v 1 shok total                  .

rekurrent exc!tat!on || 

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