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[Nettime-bold] Search Engine Optimization Kit-2000

Learn how to achieve Top 10 positions in search engines.

No hype ... no gimmicks ... just the facts ... and only $59!

Hello Friend,

My name is Jerry Perrich and I created the The Search Engine Optimization Kit-2000 to help you achieve high positions in search engines. This unique Kit includes:
  • Detailed information on how to obtain high positions in search engines,

  • Step-by-step instructions on techniques to use to make your web pages very "search-engine-friendly",

  • Special tools and resources to create your pages and monitor their positions in search engines, and

  • Ongoing support by email and phone.

Click here to receive Free Information about Search Engines and the Kit, or call direct to 937.885.7732 (US). We will send it to you promptly by email.

Thank you for your time and best wishes in your endeavors.

Dr. Jerry R. Perrich, Director
The Internet Marketing Institute, Inc.
Helping You Be Successful Online

PS - Please consider forwarding this email to any business associates or friends who may benefit from it.

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