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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> nettime and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dear Felix and Ted, 

I appreciate what Geert wrote but support what Molly was expressing even more 
so. It is of course appropriate to have some kind of new media/net/.alt angle 
to the postings on Nettime but at the same time we are all so inundated by 
the dominant media daily and its obvious prejudices/bias that some postings 
aiding to counteract the mainstream press are still worthwhile to receive. As 
was obvious in the Kosovo conflict and before that during the Gulf wars and 
even more obvious now the assumption of progressive politics amongst media 
artists is not neccesarily correct.  I just returned yesterday from working 
in the middle east for several weeks on a new video project in Lebanon, 
focusing on the condition (state of interstitiality - permanent 
temporariness) of Palestinians living there since 1948 (and afterwards) and 
am catching up how the warped the coverage of the general situation has been 
over here (in america, and europe). The most recent vehemently 
anti-Palestinian email posting on Nettime deserves an adequate response. Will 
you allow me the opportunity to send you one for posting? 


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