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[Nettime-bold] FWD: Clinton and his infinite wisdom...

Does anyone know anything on this? 

This makes my blood boil, especially after serving my country in the US

I can not believe that someone who did not have the cajones to serve his
country, but had to escape to another country to avoid going into the
service, has no more respect for the military than this, does he even
respect this country??? I am betting NOT, he has done everything in his
power as a human and as President to deficate on the Constitution, burn
the flag, and desicrate the country as a whole.

One begins to doubt if he even respects himself, he cheated on his wife,
he lied about doing drugs, even if it was just marijuana, and lied to
our Courts to hide the facts that he was doing misdeeds in the Oval
Office as President. I look at what Nixon resigned for as a minor
infraction in comparison to what Cliton and Gore have done since they
have been office.

Personally, IMHO the President should not be President if he/she has not
served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of one tour of duty. (4 years)
This does not count the National Guard or anything else, it means the US
Navy, US Army, US Air Force, or the US Marines, and MAYBE the US Coast


Always question authority!


Subj: New Clinton Story American Flag Dips to Vietnam, China?  Naval
Officers Claim Clinton to Change Regulation to Placate Totalitarian
Regimes By Geoff Metcalf 2000 President Clinton
reportedly plans to visit China and Vietnam before the end of his term,
and, according to high-ranking Navy officers, the commander in chief
will alter long-standing naval regulations to allow the American flag to
fly below that of Vietnam when he sails into the communist nation's
territorial waters on a U.S.  Navy ship.  Highly placed Navy sources who
spoke on condition of anonymity believe this action on the president's
part would further devastate already tenuous Navy morale.

As part of his swan song, Clinton reportedly intends to visit two ports
aboard Naval vessels.  Trip one takes him to the People's Republic of
China, which has a regulation that no war ship of any country may enter
its territorial waters flying a flag higher than that of the People's
Republic of China.  According to one Navy source, China and the U.S.
have effected a compromise whereby both flags-the U.S.  and the PRC-will
be flown from U.S.  Naval vessels at the same height.  But visceral
outrage is resulting from a proposed change to Navy regulations that
would result in the American flag being displayed subordinate to the
flag of Vietnam.

Navy regulations and tradition prescribe that no country's flag will be
displayed in a superior position to the U.S.  flag.  However, Vietnam's
rules reportedly demand that the Vietnamese flag shall always fly in a
superior position to any other country's flag.  Naval officers, speaking
on condition that their names not be published, say the reason for all
the alarm, anger and career-threatening rhetoric is that Clinton
allegedly has either ordered, or is about to order, the secretary of the
Navy to amend regulations to permit the Vietnamese flag to be displayed
over the U.S.  flag.

"I'd like to blow the @#&*% thing up!" said one frustrated officer.
The United States Navy Regulations began with the enactment by the
Continental Congress of the "Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the
United Colonies" on Nov.  28, 1775.  So a long and proud history
bolsters the long-held Navy tradition that no country's flag will fly
higher than that of the United States.

An Army colonel, a living war veteran, said, "What's new?  Clinton has
done everything else to dishonor the flag, why not make it number two?"
He added, "Congress ought to pull this traitor's travel plug ...

Calls to the Navy Staff Operations and Special Events office were
referred to the Public Affairs Office, which then referred WND to the
news desk.  When WND outlined the scenario, the spokesman- whose
first comment was, "Wow" - later called back to say, "We haven't been
able to find anything on it yet, but we're trying to run the story to

Adm.  Thomas B.  Fargo, commander in chief of the U.S.  Pacific Fleet,
reportedly has visited the People's Republic of China recently also,
although the reason for the trip is not known.

NOTE: Some of you may wonder what the fuss is about, but please remember
that the Navy prides itself on honor and tradition.  The Naval Officers
are not being "childish and petty" when they speak out against this.
Morale is at an all-time low, and military commands do not need to once
again be berated for their job.

How does this "slap in the face" decision fall under the power(s)
of the Commander in Chief?  It reminds me of when Hillary ordered that
uniforms not be worn by the White House in-house Marines.  This order
still stands, if you visit the White House today, 8 yrs.  later.  What
used to be a sought-after, privileged job, is now seen as a tour of
punishment by these young Marines who stand around in civilian clothes.
They not only lost their uniform but their self-esteem to be seen in the
uniform they are asked to defend.  How much more can the people that are
asked to defend our freedom take?

The crew on the Navy ships leave their families and loved ones behind
more than 6 months at a time.  Everything possible should be done to
praise and encourage them for their dedication!  Clinton will enjoy his
boat ride for a few hours and never look back to see the eyes of the men
and women who serve our country.  Just as the Clinton Administration
will never look back at the damage that has been done to our Military
and to this Nation.

Please foward the following information to your E-Mail list..  It is
being blocked by all the major media.

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