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[Nettime-bold] Re: Palestine on the net..

Dear Jayce,

Good to hear from you. You are welcome to republish electronically any of the 
we have currently at; I recommend the articles by
Lisa Suheir Majaj, Ella Shohat and Susan Chatman. There is also an 
piece by an American about working in a Palestinian school, Hope Flowers, and
I would be happy to forward that to you ("Teaching Democracy and Coexistence"
by Brett Kline).

I would be happy to report to you about Open Tent's work in southern 
You can read a report I published on the Open Tent site under Essays...

Please visit Open Tent. Another organization which I work with and which is
progressive is Ivri-NASAWI (


Jordan Elgrably
Open Tent Middle East Coalition

In a message dated 10/23/00 8:57:10 PM, JSalloum writes:

<< from:

If anyone is a journalist or reporter or writer or artist in the Palestine
at the moment or working
near there, or working in support of any politicized grassroots peace
efforts in Israel or remotely
to Israel, or is aware of and actively producing alternative media
regarding the situation in the Middle East and/or is involved with the Net
and the news in the Palestine or is working in independent
media in Israel or has been interviewing or working on, with persons in
that part of the world who
may be using the Net, TV, radio, newspapers to report effectively on the
situation, or to stop a war,
or to aid persons there....

please start sending accounts of what your activity is...

I write on net.time, a net list, and there seems to be a dearth of any
broadminded information coming
out of the media on what is going on...not necessarily only in terms of the
dominant media, but in terms of independent entities creative efforts aside
from the dominant media...and I beleive there is
significant compassion and interest in what is going on...

Net.time would like to hear from activists and journalists regarding
independent media, use of telecommunications...etc. use of the
can post reports dealing with this activity to: >>

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