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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> LMD: The well-connected rich

> Paris, a French militant prophesied, "Feminism has always been
> international, but restricted to the rich. With the Net, things will change
> and all women will be able to show their quiet strength" (7).

Hum as it is question of earlier nation state and specialy quote both anglosaxon one
by barbrook (England and usa) permit I speak about french one, and the evident raison
why they are a great bunch of airhead frecnh theorist about internet : for the moment
tech goes with global english language, c'est la vie. But so why perhaps french all
over the world feel more than other heideggers worn out anathema that tech is a
boarding of the being. the French language is the nation state per se, and it will
probably died. But this 'chronic of an announced death' is a wonderfull cultural
theorical test crucible for feeling rather the wrench and strife between conservatism
and ukase of right wings. Nazi and fascist are not conservative and were fall in love
with tech commies also sew in tech an extraordinary acculturation mean : an huge
virtual social machine 'death old chap weigh anchor for finding new..' Terminal,
england, fatherland of darwin and US homeland of eugenism feel better than all other
in the world that tech would be the determinent factor of success for a definitive
cultural advantage : not by a cultural tchernobil but by a constant step by step and
local objective outclassing. I don't like what most of these frecnh intellectual are
defending, most is quite idiomatic and permit I tell you why I prefer for the moment
the peroxyd blond usan tech to the not so au naturel French blabla. the tech change
the deal you know in the struggle for life in renewing concurential advantage as in
bible 'happy the legless person they could linuxed the world' well each one try to
get all his best of the deal : mine would be the progress in the design in the poster
of  this drunkard of clark gabble during ww2 in his b29 'flattening a town for
destroying a bridge' as nazi propaganda said. imagine that a b2 could be better
piloted by a girl now who could better manage her stress and affect..i scoff of the
boarding heidegger being? yes with the tech everyone has her turn and if I have to be
fuel to dust in my life.. hope pentagone will soon authorize garter belt for b2
pilot.. I know it's sexist, so what ! imagine clark who could shave off his moustache
? or do you imagine winning GI without stocking and cigarette and gum ? go home ! so
who will discuss here of the last will of an under sentenced of death? And imagine
the so beautiful propaganda poster the nazi could make if marylin was a b29 pilot ?
andy would be just the best in the world soup dealer. phil dick has really deceived
me he didn't put that in his book. But he said we are all dead and he is alive, so he
could read that

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