Nmherman on 24 Oct 2000 05:52:06 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] General Mail on Deep Background

Subj:    Re: <nettime> Al Gore and the Internet
Date:   10/23/2000 12:05:03 PM Central Daylight Time
To: Nmherman@aol.com

Hi Max,

While I'm certainly supportive of your
efforts, I don't know that I'm in much 
of a position to help.  After almost 
four years in the Internet Governance 
debate, my resources are exhausted.  

The good news is, that I can see where
all this is going -- we just can't force
it to happen any quicker.


P.S.  I'd love to see your video :-)

>Sounds good.  I would like to know more about what you could do (from a 
>business standpoint) to help with the Genius 2000 Network.  My goal is to 
>have non-profit or "hybrid" status for a total-field media organization.  
>Financially, the capital right now is my current collection of writings and 
>art.  Culturally my capital is speculative but of the highest order.  
>I should send you a video.  I would like to avoid the standard 
>success-process of the universities and festivals.  They are the old way of 
>developing art (or what I like to call cognition-enhancing media).  There 
>must be room for exponential growth ala Ted Turner.  
>Max Herman 

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