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Dnaprint (DNAP) is an emerging biotech company and is trading under $1 !!!

1) CEO (Dr. Tony Frudakis) Lead scientist for Corixa starts his own company a 
   few months ago
2) Company is formed by a reverse merger of a pinksheet company

3) DNAP has already completed the accounting to get off the pinksheets and 
   should be listed on the OTCBB soon.

4) Dr. Frudakis was  responsible for a patent that sold for $54,000,000 to 
   Smith Kline Beecham while he was at Corixa.
5) Corixa's stock has gone from 14 Cents a few years ago to 50 Dollars today.
6) According to the Barron's article (9/25/00 pg 52), Dnaprint is in the late stages of forming 
   strategic alliances with major companies.

orchid biosciences inc 

email for free investment package= 
or call 1-877-362-3453(toll free) 
investment club web page= 
investors report= 
great dnap investor links: =invest in biotech =the human genome investors portal 
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why is dnap unique in the bio tech sector?? 

dnap company news; =bell2bell news =excite news =yahoo news 
dnap in barrons 
bioinform news service 
online journal of bioinformatics 

bio partnering Europe- London England-16-17 oct 2000 
structural genomics conference-yokohama,japan,2-5nov2000 

dnap patents 
dnap is about pharmacogentics 
stem cell research 
personalized medicine no longer science fiction 
safe drugs that fit like a glove 

dr. ramin mirashemi, a new dnap addition—check this track record!!!!!!!!!!!! 
dr.jose arena joins dnap scientific advisory board 03 oct 2000 
scientific advisory board makeup 

incite genomics(incy)nasdq $37 
genentech(dna)($172)-2for1split 5 oct00-263million share float---dnap float = 269 million; 


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DNAPrint genomics is a young e-biotech company based in southwest Florida. We are developing an informatics platform system that will provide dynamic solutions for disease gene discovery, genetic predisposition and genetic analysis testing. Our work has real-life application to the germinating field of Personalized Medicine and will help lay the foundation for a brand-new area of medical research called Phenomics. 
The PhenomeSM platform system that we are developing will help identify an individual predisposed to develop cancer before the onset of illness so that lifestyles can be altered and/or preventative measures taken. It will be used to identify individuals who are incompatible with certain drug treatments before the drugs are prescribed and damage is done. It will be used to tease out important genetic determinants associated with complex genetic diseases, so that drugs can be developed to target these genes. 
Our aim is ambitious. By partnering our platform with biotech/pharma, we will participate in the downstream profits generated from pharmaceutical products our platform has enabled. By marketing our platform directly to the public, we intend to make comprehensive genotype screening solutions accessible to people all over the world via the internet. Our system will enable a more holistic approach to using genomics information to improve peoples lives. 
The patient of the future will have more information and power than ever imagined. The human genome project, the internet and recent technological advancements all contribute to make this possible, and we intend to take advantage of these synergies to become the primary conduit for the generation and distribution of personalized genetic information. 

The Market 
Pharmacogenomics is currently a 1 billion dollar industry and is projected to be a 10 billion dollar industry by the end of 2003. Several billions of dollars have been spent on the human genome project so far, and an equal amount will likely be spent trying to understand what all of the genomics information means (i.e. bioinformatics, proteomics and phenomics). Genomics is a multi billion dollar industry world-wide and the market for personalized medicine is expected to exceed $25 billion dollars by 2010. Recently congress has approved a $2.3 billion increase in NIH funding to a total of $18 billion dollars for the year 2000. 

Tony Frudakis, Ph.D.( 
Chief Executive Officer, President and Laboratory Director. Dr. Tony Frudakis is a Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cumme Laude graduate of the University of California system. He received his doctorate degree in molecular and cell biology from the University of California Berkeley and has 14 total years of experience as a molecular biologist. Dr. Frudakis' technical experience encompass a range of areas within biology, including the molecular biology of eukaryotic transcriptional regulation, the creation and study of transgenic animals, the development of novel nucleic acid isolation techniques and gene discovery protocols, bioinformatics processing and anatomical gene expression profiling. At Corixa Corporation in Seattle, WA he developed several new techniques for RNA fingerprinting, managed and executed high-throughput gene discovery programs for various cancers and was instrumental in the companies early success in attracting R and D partners. Founding GAFF biologic in 1998, Dr. Fru!
dakis established a good reputation for high quality DNA sequencing and library construction/screening services, until its evolution into the DNAPrint Genomics that exists today. In all, his work has resulted in a patent portfolio for over 350 unique genes and 2 products 

George Frudakis( 
Vice President of Business Affairs. George Frudakis has vast experience with start-up company development. He started and developed a successful multi-component company called GAFF group, which today enjoys over 15 million dollars annually in revenue. During his life’s work as an entrepreneur and businessman, George has learned how to run and successfully manage the financial and operational aspects of both small and large companies alike. He is a graduate from the California State University at Long Beach in California. 

Myung Ho Kim, Ph.D. Mathematics( 
Director of Informatics and Lead Mathemetician. Myung recieved his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1988 and M.S. in Mathematics from The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Most recently, Myung worked on the Ant World Server project supported by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Progect Agency) and implemented Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests, linear/nonlinear regression, nonparametric analysis and modeling to a TREC 6 (Text Retrieval Conference) project using SAS, C/C++ and Perl languages. Prior to this, Myung simulated mathematical modeling for breast tumors and implemented/developed various image processing algorithms. He has served as an Honorary research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Information Science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a Visiting Research Scholor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California at Santa Cruz in California. Prior to coming to the United States, Myung held the posit!
ion of Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Sungkyunkwan University in Soel Korea. 

Venkateswarlu Kondragunta, Ph.D. ( 
Director of Biostatistics. Dr. Kondragunta obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Madras, Madras, India. He most recently served as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Schoolof Public Health, University of Texas, Houston, TX under the tutelage of Dr. Ranajit Chakraborty, one of the most famous and accomplished genetic mathematicians in the world. His research interests include variance components, linear regression models, general linear models, design and analysis, discriminant analysis, principal component analysis and statistical genetics. He has taught courses in Variance Components, Design and Analysis of Experiments and Linear Regression Models and Probability Theory at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Dr. Kondragunta is an accomplished programmer and has amassed considerable experience with implementing statistical genetic ideas into C++, S-plus, FORTRAN (7 years experience) and JAVA code. His most recent work used the REG, ANOVA, GLM, VARCOMP, CANDIS!
C, CLUSTER, DISCRIM, FACTOR, PRINCOMP and LOGISTIC tools in the SAS computing environment on real and simulated data sets. 
A partial list of publications for Dr. Kondragunta include: 
Chaubey, Y.P. and K.Venkateswarlu. A numerical study of some robust estimators of variance components in one-way model. International Indian Statistical Association Conference proceedings, October 10-11, 1998, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. 
Venkateswarlu, K. K.N.Ponnuswamy, and M.R.Srinivasan. Estimation of variance components based on diallel model. Mathematical Biosciences, V-150, 105-112. 
Venkateswarlu, K, and K.N.Ponnuswamy. Estimation of variance components based on bio-model of diallel crosses (balanced). Communications in Statistics (Theory & Methods), Vol-27, 139-152. 
Venkateswarlu, K. Estimation of variance components based on diallel model involving maternal and maternal interaction effects. Biometrical Journal, Vol-39, 287-295. 

see dnap web page for a complete description of products & services 
High-throughput SNP profiling-To help us with our bottom line, we provide contract SNP profiling services to the drug development community. We call this service our SNiPdocTM service, and it is targeted towards pharmaceutical companies. Many pharmaceutical companies are seeking to enter into the field of Pharmacogenomics. This new field of study could have a dramatic impact on overall health care costs in the future. Furthermore, by having access to pharmacogenomics data, pharmaceutical companies can focus their clinical trials on segments of the population that are genetically receptive to the treatment. Experimental drugs can be targeted to individuals of a particular genotype, and genetic variations shown to underlie a poor-response to a trial drug could be used as a basis for eliminating the non-responding segment of the trial population from the study. In this way, pharmaceutical companies can reduce drug trial failures and the costs associated with them. Contracting thi!
s work out to service providers is a viable option for many smaller pharmaceutical companies who do not have the volume of work necessary to justify the price of the equipment and expertise. At DNAPrint Genomics, we offer multiple patient – multiple SNP sampling matricies designed on a custom, semi-custom or predefined basis. We can use our proprietary PhenomixM databases of medically relevant SNPs (numbering in the thousands of SNPs at present), or design chips for your application de-novo. We will work with your scientists to develop the experiments from beginning to end, that suit your needs, and we can handle your project from blood/tissue or DNA starting points. Data handling will be customized for each client; data can be deposited in our secure SNP relational databases system offering you the option of accessing your data over the internet. Alternatively, we can burn and hand-delivered CDs to 

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