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> The following commentary by Harry Browne 
> has been featured all weekend on WorldNetDaily at 
> http://www.worldnetdaily.com/pageOneCommentary.shtml :
> 7 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer
> by Harry Browne
> America's crime rate has risen almost continually
> for the past 35 years. Very little of the great
> plans to reverse the trend -- whether mandatory
> sentences or more cops on the beat -- has helped
> to relieve the worst crime wave in the nation's
> history. And recent drops in crime rates still
> leave us far less safe than we were 35 years ago.
> Is the situation hopeless?
> No. America could be much safer -- quickly and
> dramatically safer.
>     Cutting Crime
> Here are seven ways to bring peace and security to
> your neighborhood. . .
> 1. End the War on Drugs -- to release from prison
> the marijuana smokers and other non-violent drug
> offenders serving 15-year and 50-year sentences.
> They fill up the prisons -- allowing the
> murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals to
> go free on early release or plea-bargains, free to
> terrorize your neighborhood.
> 2. End the War on Drugs -- to free up
> law-enforcement resources to fight violent crime,
> instead of chasing people who may harm themselves
> but are no threat to us.
> 3. End the War on Drugs -- to end gang warfare.
> The Drug War has taken the drug business away from
> pharmaceutical companies and turned it over to
> gangs operating in a huge black market, providing
> untold riches for anyone who will flout the law.
> This money finances criminal gangs who would be
> powerless without drug money. Legal drug, tobacco,
> or alcohol companies don't conduct gang warfare
> and drive-by shootings, but criminal gangs will do
> anything to secure a rich monopoly territory.
> 4. End the War on Drugs -- to reduce police
> corruption. With so much black-market money and
> confiscated drugs floating around, it's too easy
> for weak policemen to become rich by breaking the
> law themselves.
> 5. End the War on Drugs -- to make our schools
> safer. Brewers and distillers don't recruit
> children to run drugs or hook other kids on
> liquor; nor do they give them guns to take to
> school. Neither would legal drug companies. Before
> the War on Drugs, the worst schools in Los Angeles
> were safer than L.A.'s best schools are today.
> 6. End the War on Drugs -- to end muggings and
> burglaries by addicts. If Prohibition were ended,
> illegal drugs selling today for $100 might cost as
> little as $2, because legal competition -- with no
> need to circumvent the law -- would drive drug
> prices down. So addicts would no longer need to
> steal to support their habits.
> 7. End the War on Drugs -- to bring back respect
> for decent behavior. Because nothing can win the
> Drug War, it is constantly escalated -- destroying
> more of your liberties with asset forfeiture laws,
> drug-testing, snooping in your bank account,
> monitoring your email, racial profiling, and other
> invasions of the liberty of all Americans. This
> has caused too many people to disrespect the law
> itself -- feeling that any kind of law-breaking,
> victimless or violent, is justified.
>     The Benefits of Relegalizing Drugs
> If you want your city, your country, and your
> children to be safe, we must end the insane War on
> Drugs before it destroys us.
> Understandably, many Americans fear that ending
> the Drug War would produce hundreds of thousands
> of addicts, crack babies, children trying drugs,
> and other evils. _But that's what we have now_.
> Relegalizing drugs would eliminate the criminal
> black market -- ending the violence, the incentive
> to hook children, and the selling of bad drugs
> that destroy people. And addicts could seek
> medical help openly and inexpensively -- instead
> of hiding their habits from the law.
>     Why this War?
> Despite the tyrannical methods the government uses
> to fight the Drug War, drug use continues
> unabated. So why do politicians fight so
> desperately to continue this insane War on Drugs?
> Could it be because the War allows them to
> continually expand their power over our property,
> our bank accounts, and our private lives?
> And why won't the national media and the
> "investigative" reporters challenge the prevailing
> wisdom? Why hasn't Jim Lehrer made Al Gore or
> George Bush explain his support for continuing
> this relentless and futile war?
> Wouldn't it have been nice to have one person on
> the debate stage to ask Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush the
> obvious question:
>    "Would you be a better person today if, for
>    your youthful drug use, you had spent 10 years 
>    in prison?"
> Republicans and Democratic politicians see nothing
> hypocritical in prosecuting others for actions
> they've taken themselves. They've operated for so
> long on a double standard that it never occurs to
> them that they comprise anything less than an
> elite aristocracy.
>     A Better America
> Libertarians know how much safer America will be
> without the nightmare of Prohibition -- just as
> America became safer the moment alcohol
> Prohibition ended. Libertarians also recognize
> that the War on Drugs is an excuse for politicians
> to make big government bigger. And Libertarians
> know that oppressive prison sentences for drug use
> and peaceful dealing have not made America safer.
> That's why I have made this promise:
> If I am somehow elected President, from the
> inauguration platform I will issue an
> unconditional pardon to everyone in a federal
> prison on a non-violent drug offense.
> When you vote this year, realize that by voting
> for George Bush or Al Gore, you are voting to
> endorse the insane War on Drugs. Only by voting
> Libertarian will you issue an unmistakable
> statement that you want America to be a free
> country again.
> ---
> Harry Browne is the Libertarian candidate for
> president, and the author of the book The Great
> Libertarian Offer. More of his articles are
> available at http://www.HarryBrowne2000.org/lw
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