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[Nettime-bold] Artemisia November Exhibition For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November Exhibition
Show Dates: November 2nd  to November 25th
Opening Reception: Friday, November 3rd, 5-8 PM

Main Gallery: Metalsmiths from Taiwan
This exhibition co-curated by an international team of artists, Carolynn
Desch, Meiing  Shu and Hai-Chi Jihn features student work from the
Painan National College of the Arts in Painan Taiwan.  The program in
metalsmithing at the Painan National College was recently established
with the assistance of Hai-Chi Jihn and is one of the first of its kind
in Taiwan.

The artists are: Ying Yeh, Meiing Shu, Hsi-Hsia Yang, Jing-Yun Jeng,
Lih-Ying Kang,
Shih-Wei Lien, Legend Lin, Yu-Chih Huang, Jin -Tuan Zhou, Ying Yeh,
Chia-Yun Tsai, and Hsiao-Meng Su.

Gallery A: Mark Porter
Mark Porter's kinetic sculpture work in steel, wood, rubber, and metal
are fashioned from home appliances and everyday objects.  They are named
and numbered as 'implements' performing absurd repetitive tasks as
automated art making machines.

Gallery B: Granite Amit
Granite Amit, a licensed clinical professional art therapist and member
of ARC Gallery in Chicago presents her recent work in painting and
installation.  Her work layers text, line drawings, and images in
creating her own art historical mythology of  'As-if-ism.'

Gallery C: Bonnie Klehr
A picture is worth 1,000 words
For the past six years, fiber artist Klehr has been examining aphorisms
and famous quotes for their role in human life.  These motherly lectures
of endless cures, not unlike superstitions or voodo, define the
personality of the family and individual.  Klehr presents these texts in
the form of embroidered cloth, endowing the text with physicality and
weight and hanging the words vertically, shrouding their meaning like a
veil over the face of a woman.  Recent work presents embroidered images
combines with the text and a large embroidered work of 1,000 words.

Gallery D: Judy Koon
Judy Koon is a faculty member in the Painting department of the School
of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She has been a member of Artemisia
Gallery since 1995.  Koon's oil paintings present rich verdant landscape
views that come alive through light that seems to emerge from beneath
the canvas itself.

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